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JULY 21st!! New Mini album release. Put it on your calendar!!

Silngshotmillion2 will be releasing their mini album, that will have 7 of their original songs. Professionally mastered and recorded.

The release and live show will be held at Shimokitazawa`s Rokudemonai yoru.

So if you want Merch on this band, like T-Shirt`s, Badges, and their latest album.

Head on Over to Shimokitazawa Rokudemonaiyoru.

The Event will be from 21:00-

See you there!


Yui, the female singer for Slingshotmillion2 visits us.

Yesterday she came in kind of late. Right around 19:30.
We recorded vocals for the pop/punk band Slingshotmillion2.

We used the Shure KSM 32 Sl, running through our Neve based preamp, the Black Lion Audio BLA 173, into our vintagey Compressor, the FMR audio PBC 6a, into RME converters, then into Sonar.

We are still using the Waves Power pack. As that is really all we need. Of course we sometimes use the R-Verb, and L2 as well as the Trans x, like on drums etc.

But yesterday we got alot done. These trax that we recorded will be used on their new upcoming album soon to be released, where the drums, bass, and guitar all were tracked on SSL and Neve preamps.

But our good ol` Stillbliss factory has been busy.

Just because there are other studios out there aint meanin we aint gettin no jobs.

To the contrary.

We have also been getting job applications from Africa and other countries for interns to work here. But honestly, are you serious?

The music business is dead. Im barely making it by with just me as the producer/engineer.  We dont have the financial resources to pay for another engineer, even though I wouldn`t mind hiring other accomplished acts.

Anyways. Thanks for staying tuned in for what`s blissful these days!

Stay tuned for more info in the near future.

Sisa & Nari come to Stillbliss

Yesterday we recorded some Saxophone, and trumpet, from the famous Sisa & Nari.

We used Sonar.

They were real sweet.
And the session went off without a hitch.

This recording was for Slingshotmillion2s hit number "Dont worry”.

We used two Shure Sm57s, one mic going through the BLA 173 and PBC 6a. and the trumpet went through the Onyx pre`s.

It sounded sweet.

We are runnning through RME converters into Sonar`s 64 bit platform.

Stay tuned for more Blissful news.

Recording vocals and mixing for a punk band.

Today we got to work with Rock star Yui from the the punk band Slingshotmillion2. We recorded vocals for a new album coming out. We recorded her voice using a Shure Beta 58a. We used the FMR audio PBC6a and BLA 173. Going into RME AD/DA.

On anoter note. We recently have been getting requests for jobs at the studios. I mean, by all means, we would love to work with other engineers and producers. But honestly, there really isn`t THAT many jobs. Just living by myself and getting money, doesn`t mainly come from the studio. Even though I would love to see that happen. Right now, I work for three wedding agencies just to make ends meet. I mean, I don`t mind the wedding industry. But honestly, I really love music, and working in the studio, IS my dream job. So, I believe that anyone wishing to live the life I live can do it. It`s not impossible. Anyways, back onto the session. I sent the Mp3`s unmixed to the bands leader- just because, he wanted to hear how things sound. I personally think that things sound great at Stillbliss. And honestly, people are using us. SO. There you are for success.

We live it!!

And thank YOU for coming to our blog just to see what`s blissful, in Japan. And I guess, what`s new. Come back again. Dear reader. Have a nice day friend!!

Recording vocals, and mixing.

Today, I had the privilege to record vocals for Slingshotmillion2`s new single called “Westcoast”. This tune was actually a tune that I personally received, then, our band members made it to a diddly little tune.

I recorded some overlapping vocals six times, through our Shure Beta 58a, through FMR audio`s PBC6a compressor, then through the Black lion audio BLA 173.

I sent an MP3 to our leader for the band Jun. Then if I get the ok from him, then that will be the final mix.
I am using the waves POWER pack. And the L2. The drums , bass, and guitars were tracked through SSL, and Neve pre`s.

Overall a really catchy pop /punk rock track.

It is always fun working in the studio.

We are also waiting for feedback from England based artist Chris Larke/Commander/Ekral. He sent us Stems to mix and add drums to.
He said he wants to finalize some things first before we master the trax.

Anyways, that`s everything blissful for now.


Working with Yui in the studio.

Yesterday we worked with Yui. The singer from Slingshotmillion2. Our Shure ksm 32 is now officially broken. And as Shure is so kindly, NOT, will not fix it for us, we will need to buy another one soon.

I am looking on ebay and different sites for another KSM 32. They dont come cheap. So, being in a band and running a studio, and supporting my family, and paying for being in a band, all these things drain my wallet. So finding a good deal for a mic is hard right now.

Anyways. Hopefully using our beta 58a for vocals will be enough for folks who come here for now.

Today`s session

Well, it didnt turn out exactly as I hoped. But it WAS a session.

We recorded Vocals for SLingshotmilion2`s new Ep coming out soon.

There were a few things that I believe we need to work on, like the male vocalist who is quite lazy and didnt sing things perfectly, for an album.

But that is just his style. Well see what he thinks of the mix once he`s heard it on his own.

We ran through our Black lion audio BLA 173, thorugh a PBC 6a And then through RME conveters.

Things sound good at Stillbliss.

New session with Female singer from Slingshotmilion2

Yesterday we worked with female singer Yui. From Slingshotmillion2.

We worked on vocals to be exact. We ran the Shure KSM 32sl through a FMR audio PBC6a, into a Black Lion Audio BLA 173 and then into RME converters.

This combo seems to be quite killer.

I may be upgrading my studio to a Black Lion Audio Auteur Quad, for more high quality channels for recording drums and more channels at one time.

As for now this is what we are using.

And yes I know it`s just a picture of me in the control booth. Taken by Yui herself.

I forgot to take a picture of her singing. And we usually do take pictures of the clients that do come here. But I thought, what the heck. Might as well use this photo.

So, you are caught up in everythings thats blissful now.

Go and pat your self on the back!

Yui Comes again. To record vocals!!

Yesterday, we layed trax of vocals down with Slingshotmillion2`s main female singer.

We added harmonies with my help. And we layered vocals for a song called “Don`t worry.” We recorded the drums and guitars at another studio. But we are recording the female vocalist at Stillbliss. As she seems to feel at home here at our studios.

And gets better recording takes with us.

We will be recording more in the future.

We are running through a KSM 32SL, into A Black Lion BLA173 and FMR Professional Balanaced Compressor, or PBC for short. Then that goes into the RME converters, into Sonar.

As for now thats whats been happening and what is blissful.

Stay tuned for more news from us!!