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Slingshotmillion2 live reminder and some mix news updates!


Today I had the privilege to finish some rough mixes that I sent to my band members today、from the POP band Slingshotmillion2.

I was sent bass tracks from our bassist who now lives in the UK.

He sent me the .wav files for two songs of ours that needed his skills.

He sent me the Stems through the net, and then I ran the tracks through our analog gear here at the studios.

It went through the BLA173 to PBC6A compressor. Which kinda fattened the sound as well as making it a but more smooth to the ears.

So after taking some time out, and a cup or two of coffee. I went into the studio and made a rough mix for my band members to listen to.

Hopefully they will like what they hear.

Anyways. That`s what`s happening on the home front.

And just to remind you. We will be holding a live show on the 9th of September in Shibuya at live house Guilty.

If you can come over to watch us, that would be cool!

Here is a link where you can buy the tickets.

Slingshotmillion2 Live show on the streets of Kawasaki.

Today I had the chance to do two things in one day; Ride on an express train From Nagano Ken, for a wedding gig, And then Perform on the streets of Kawasaki with my POP/Rock band Slingshotmillion2.

It wasnt THAT great, as I had to carry alot of stuff on the train at the end of the day. But I guess it was a success, as some tickets for our September 9th show which will be held at Live stage Shibuya Guilty got sold. And I got a free tea drink from a fan! Of course that`s the best thing! Getting free things from fans.

Anways, today was a great day. Sometimes just having a change from the usual tends to be quite refreshing.

SLingshotmillion2 and friendly calls for the future.

Recently I`ve been mixing Slingshotmillion2`s  songs in the studio. And getting calls from Friendly artists I`ve met at live shows. For instance, one musician asked me if I could mix and master his songs for his band in June.

He will be coming over in June to watch me work in the studio. I mean, thats good news right there!

I will also be practicing with my band in Tokyo today. So Im free for the morning but when night falls, I will be in a practice studio practicing with my band for a show on the 30th this month.

These songs that we are working on will be given out to people for free, as far as I know.

We also recorded a song for our bassist who is in England right now.
He will send me the bass stems, and I will run it through our preamp and compressor.

OK! Other than that, thank you for coming to our blog. it is always fun to write something for you to read.

And its relevant news, so I hope it keeps you entertained.

Slingshotmillion2 Studio session!

Yesterday from 11:30 we hashed out in the studio till around 8:00 pm.
We worked on drums, guitar & vocals.
I will be mixing the songs today. Also sending a track to our bassist who is in England right now. He will layer his bass parts, then I will put them through the BLA 173 PBC6a Combo.

My Mixer is slowly dying but hopefully I can use another output where it is going faulty on me.

Other than that things are going well.

Stay tuned for more studio news in the future.

Mixing and adding guitars and vocals.

Here at our studios, there`s always something new happening.

Next June we will be recording a band from Okinawa. We will be Recording, mixing & Mastering two of their songs.

We treat each song like a piece of art. As each song from the artist, IS a part of his or her dream. So with the tools at hand, we recorded some elements yesterday, and I am just adding the gloss on the already made songs.

I am currently working on a band that I play in called Slingshotmillion2. Yes. There was a slingshotmillion before. Now that band is upgraded to 2 . Hahaha!

Plus we are not just a studio. We are also a record label that can upload your tracks to Itunes, Amazon, Google play etc.
Basically every online market there is, we`ve got your covered.

And all you have to do is come to our studios, then we will help you with the rest.

Making music, is our passion. So when you come, you will feel that passion and fervor from us.

We do hope you enjoy this blog and studio news as it comes.

Thank you for visiting us in our journey to make magic happen!

Slingshotmillion2 recording session.

So. Today we worked on a Slingshotmillion2`s session. It was quite hyped to say the least.

We recorded drums, vocals, guitars, bass and tommorrow I will be editing and mixing the songs.

Henma, the drummer for a different band from Okinawa called Pablo, will be using us in June. He said he wanted to record two songs with his band from Okinawa. That`s good news for us. As any kind of input on the money scene is always welcome.

We ended off with some vocal recording.

We used the BLA 173 PBC6a combo. Quite killer.

Using our trusty Shure KSM 32Sl for vocals. And for guitars, we used an old Shure SM57. The older it is the more used it sounds. And personally I like it over our newer SM57.

Anyways, I`ll be working on these tracks over the next few days.

Should be good fun!

Cleaning up. Preparing for Slingshotmillion2`s session.

Today I worked in the studio. Wiping doors. Vacuuming floors. Cleaning our DAW.

Yes! We still use a DAW, and it`s still Sonar 8.5.

We are getting ready for Slingshotmillion2`s arrival this coming Sunday.

We are not sure what we will record, but I`m sure it will be fun.

We already mixed the songs we have in our arsenal. So what will happen on the 9th is still a mystery, but we know that they- all the band members, will be coming. So we are preparing for their arrival by cleaning up and getting everything just right for them to come and record.

Stay tuned for more news from our hit factory.

Mixing Slingshotmillion2`s new songs. As well as recording guitars.

Today I woke up at around 6:30.

Right now it is 8:00 as of this writing.
And I already mixed the latest trax that we recorded here for my band Slingshotmillion2.

I also need to record some of my lead bits for the recordings as well. That will be after my brothers wake up from sleeping, so I can vacuum the house, then play loud guitars in the studio and record.

We are currently working on these recordings specifically for giving away to people on the streets.

I personally think that`s a bit wasteful. But ah who cares.

I will also be mastering these tunes as well. So far the sound we have gotten from the BLA 173 has been phenomenal.

Great results and just to let you know- Today is a new day. And the magic continues in our home/studio.

Vintage news! As by Jesse. -The studio..! And our form of business.

Yes! We may be just a recording studio.
But, we have magic behind our ears and teeth.
We work magic on every studio session.
Whether it be a full band, a single client from another country, or someone asks us to master their track, or make a lyric video.

We take GREAT PRIDE in everything we do. And it shows.

No matter what we do, we excel in perfection. Whether giving away free time for studio clients. Or giving away a free master for a track.

We are personal, AND professional!

No matter what your genre you plan on recording with us, we have only gotten good reviews.

5 stars on Facebook ain`t just a number, It`s reality. It`s numbers at its finest. It`s magic!

WE are not just a “studio”. we are a record label AND studios in the heart of nature. Ready to explode with you. If you choose to come with us, on our journey to sonic perfection!

Located 20 minutes from Kanagawa`s Hashimoto station by bus.

We are YOUR studio, for recreation, and stress free sessions!

Practicing with Slingshotmillion2, and recording.

We`re not just a studio that charges someone for an hour. We give until it hurts.

Just the other day Skip Taylor came in for a session. I gave him an hour free for being such a nice guy.
It`s nice people that win. Not the mean person.

Anyways, recently I have been practicing with my band Slingshotmillion2. We practice at a rehearsal studio in Hon Atsugi, about three times a month. It`s pretty fun!

We also have been recording drums, bass, guitar & Vocals at the studios here. And with the BLA 173, and FMR PBC6a we have a really warm analog sound. It has been great fun these past few days of recording. Jun the band leader said he will be coming over to record vocals later on this week.

Overall we have been having success, and we will be recording drums and vocals in a higher end studio. But we will still be using this studio for recording guitar for a mini album soon available. So stay tuned and come back for more blissful news!!