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Yui in the studio.

Yes. She came yesterday to lay some tracks down. we recorded alot in the space of about five to six hours.

We recorded main vocal parts for her part, in each song.
We also helped her with the harmonies. On what to sing etc.

Overall we had a great time rocking out in the studio.

Using the Shure KSM 32sl, through the Black lion audio BLA 173, neve clone preamp and the PBC6a Professionally balanced compressor.

Layering the vocals only sounded more poppy once we got the tracks to pop!
Anyways, that is what`s been going on, on the home front.

Please enjoy more posts like this. As there will be more sessions coming in the near future.

Some Slingshotmillion vocal recording last night.

So, Jun, the leader of the indie punk rock band Slingshotmillion, came last night to lay some vocals down.

We didnt have the final trax for reference, but he did have an mp3 of the trax his guitarist from his home studio sent him. So we lined up the track into Sonar with the metronome, and started having some fun.

We worked on three songs of theirs. One called “Sunny”, and “Raise me up” and last but not least “Orange”. All poppy tracks.

They said they are using my studio for creating the standard track before heading off into a famous high priced studio.

Well, good luck guys!

And that`s what`s been happening on the home front.

Henma comes to record. And Chris Larke mixing.

So, if you don`t know who Henma is, then you dont know pop culture. At least not in Japan.

He is the drummer for indie punk rock band, Slingshotmillion2.

He came today and couple days before, to record some drums.
I wont be mixing them, as their guitarist will do all the editing.
He also uses Sonar as well.

Of course, I`m using an older version. Because all my money is being spent on actual factual physical gear.

Anyways. back on topic.

Oh, yeah. I also am working on Chris Larke`s songs.
He sends me the stems from England by the net, and I mix the songs into perfection. or you could say, the best way, I know how. or the best way that I was taught, and I listen to my ears.

They, of course, are the final judge for everything. And they are usually right.

Anyways. That is what has been happening on the home front.

Enjoy more happy posts like this soon! As we have more artists coming to the studios in the near future.

The Stillbliss Method.

Why am I writing about the Stilbliss method? Well, I thought I`d give you a history of our studios.

We have been producing artists for the past decade or so now. And just not ANY artist. we have had people come from Australia, new Zealand, the UK, Africa, the US, you name it!

So, this morning I`ve got some time on my hands, so I thought I`d blog about what`s been happening in these walls of ours.

Sometimes people are attracted to a certain sound, that they consider POP music. not saying that that is a bad thing. But sometimes getting a taste of the underground scene of music, can make you take a better take on music in general.

Yes. I know, we are all duped by the major companies like Universal, Disney, marvel etc. So in a sense, we have NO SENSES. And we just float off to whatever direction that the climate is taking us.

Not saying that is bad either. but honestly, you won`t get the heritage of the underground music scene without first having a taste of it.

Basically what I`m trying to imprint on your mind is, just that, The Stillbliss Method.

Of course there are major labels, that can get your album onto major distributors of Physical media, ie, LP and CD`s.

But sometimes, you need to look for music yourself. That is the fun in life. Finding a sound you never thought existed. Again, YOU are the final decision maker, whether you`ll put down your hard earned dollar for that song you hear on the radio or online, whether it be soundcloud, YouTube, etc.

I recently myself have been searching for new tunes. On Youtube, etc.

But the search is all part of the pop culture. Yes, LP`s are coming back.

Here in Japan, people still buy CD`s. Which is like a digital copy of an LP.

Anyways, what I want to say in a nutshell is this- Go look for yourself. Don`t let the big names in the industry decide what you can or cannot listen to.

Let your conscious be your guide. And remember to take in the day, just as it comes to you. Take the day. Make it yours!

Chris Larke goodness, and some drum recording.

Day before yesterday, I got an email asking me to mix three songs of Chris larke`s for a live recording of him playing in a bar, which he wanted to polish up for retail purposes.

So I added some warmth with a cakewalk plugin, and then he asked me to master them, so I did. And he paid me the proper price, and was pleased with the results.

I also recorded some drums for the band Slingshotmillion.

The drummer came from Atsugi all the way to Hashimoto. Brought his own double kick pedal, & then started to record.

we recorded three songs of theirs.

Overall, alot of fun was had these past few days of recording, mixing and mastering.

Pt. 18 of the Lagoli show.

This time, it`s an interview, or more like questions that are being asked to Yui, (Slingshotmillion2`s main female singer) about different things she likes and what not.

This was all recorded with an iphone, and the whole show is being recorded here at our studios.

Sometimes they come every month.
But sometimes they don`t come every month, but they have these shows backed up. And they release them every week.

So I`m assuming that they will be coming over to record more of these shows. At the moment though, they are all full up for ideas.

So, I guess we`ll see what happens. Whether this show will continue, or not, is entirely up to them.

But it has been fun nevertheless.

Tommorow we will be recording drums for this same band.

We will keep you posted, as things develop.

As for now, we give you The Lagoli show.

Stay tuned for more information, on all things bliss!

Part 17 of the Lagoli talk show.

So, yeah. Honestly, they pay me pittance for recording these shows. Only 20$ for recording three shows. They have money but they think this is THEIR studio.

So, just recently, I made it clear to them that this is MY business. And I run it the way I want to. But of course all they say is- Well, we just won`t use you then.


Of course there are the polite people who actually pay the amount that it says on the fees page.

But all that ado, I give you their 17th rendition. Of their cheap ass talk show.
Here it is. My monitor speakers, one of them is broken, it intermittently works, and my mixer`s headphone jack needs replacement. And my DAW is having a hard time booting up. But they still only pay what THEY want to. Suckers!

Honestly people. Work for your time in a studio. So the engineer can keep the fucking studio running. And the gear running too.

So anyways, this is my life. I`m divorced because of people like this. Yes, this is not my day job, but it is ONE of my jobs. I hate people like Slingshotmillion. At least I`m not in their band anymore. That COMPLETELY sucked up all my money.

Bands suck. YouTubers as well. If you want to use a studio folks. Please pay the engineer something. not barely anything to keep a divorced man paying his rent and bills and support his family.

Slingshotmillion radio talk show. Part 15 & 16.

So I was kind of lazy with the last post they did on YouTube. They now have 16 talk shows, that have been recorded here at our studios.
Yes. they pay for my time and expertise as an engineer.
The 15th
show covers talking about heaven and whether there is an after life.


Covers bunjee jumping and what would you do if you were given 100$`s.
So, these radio talk shows are all in Japanese. But that`s not all that bad. Given you can learn some Japanese through it all.

I personally find these talk shows quite amusing.
They will soon be coming with their band to record songs here at the studios. Yes. We are busy busy. The grind is real.

Have a nice day!

And stay blissed out!


Radio Talk show PT.14

So, we have Lagoli, and Yui again.

Talking about Doraemon, and other things this time.
This online radio show is all in Japanese.

So if you want to learn Japanese, this could be a good way to learn!

It`s funny sometimes. Sometimes it`s infotainment.

And it was all done here at Stillblissstudios.

Where none other than the greats walk through these doors.

We have had alot of people to these studios. But this talk show is a first.
We hope you like it.

Here it is: In all it`s gorilla glory!

I personally suggest watching it till the end. As like an EP or CD, sitting in front of the tube is much more fun than pausing it like an MP3 or something of that sort.

Anyways, enjoy!!

I`m out.

Pt. 13 of Lagoli, and Yui!

So, honestly speaking, they have been coming to the studios for the past few months now working on a radio talk show. And I am sure you at least clicked it once or twice in your life now.

So, now it is in it`s 13 part.

Nothing different. just another subject to listen to and listen till our ears fall off. lol!

So without further ado, I give you LAGOLI & Yui! From the band Slingshotmillion.

Best regards for you and your day/life.

Peace! I`m out!