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Youtuber`s come to the studios!

Day before yesterday, we had Yui and Jun from Slingshotmillion, come over, and we recorded vocals & videos for YouTube.

We used a pitch shifter that was a stock plugin already in Cakewalk.

They hadn`t come over since the soundtoys version of a Pitch shifter just up and quit on us.

But now that we had something of value to them they had a session with me.

They setup their iphone to capture the visuals. while I recorded the audio.

We used the Shure KSM 32sl, in the recording booth, where the iphone was capturing the visuals. And me and Jun were in the control room with another mic, using the pitch shifter.

I sent them the audio that we used a gate on one of the channels to make sure the bleed from the headphones wouldn`t come into the other channel.

I`m guessing that everything went well. Due to them not asking me anything.

As usual, this was all done with the waves Power Pack, and the DAW used was Sonar 8.5.

Yes! I am still using the XP version. And yes! I still use XP.

Bliss out peeps. Bliss out!

And early Happy new year! From all of us here in Stillbliss land.

Today`s session with Chris Larke! And mixing for Slingshotmillion2, as well as Editing and splicing for DJ Ali!

Dear reader,

YOU! Yes you! I dont know who I`m reaching or who I`m talking to, but here goes with another blissful post.

Today I awoke to many jobs in the studio. First off, it is damn hot right now in Japan, even though things ARE starting to get cooler. Today was hot, so I was able to sit in an air conditioned control room.

We had Chris Larke over for a recording session.  Edited some parts for his song`s in the works.

We recorded vocals, edited, with Cakewalk`s Sonar 8.5 Producer edition. Using Waves plugins.

And we also worked on a job given us from DJ Ali, from Nagoya. He sent me Stems to a song, I changed the pitch as well as fixed things that were not in the right key, as well, as changing speed on files.

We are also working on a punk rock tune called “My left foot big toenail is dead”. It`s about how the left toenail on your foot gets saved by the toenail on your foot. Kind of a comical tune.

We are waiting for the band leader to call us and tell us that it is a good mix.

Many times we like to mix without having others mention anything about it. But recently, weve been getting lots of petitions, about the mixes we have been sending off. I guess I`m basically tied to this studio.

That`s all things blissful for now.

Tommorrow I head off to an ice-cream company`s tour for free ice-cream with my little family. Should be fun!

Recording in a top class studio in Tokyo.

Recently my band has been making and writing new songs. And our band leader booked a day at a top end studio in Tokyo. For me it was a new experience. They had Neve, SSL,  & Tube tech and a wealth of other outboard gear.

A couple famous Japanese artists have been to this same studio. And I would say they had a nice sound. Of course, they use Protools.

I still use Sonar and Auto tune for fixing vocals.

I could upgrade to another newer version of Sonar. But honestly I`d rather get better physical gear, other than just cheao gimmicks in Software.

Anyways, I had a fun time in the studio. We recorded Vocals and guitars for Slingshotmillion2.

I am also still in the process of remixing Chris Larke`s “Christmas pie”. As well as working for another DJ in Nagoya. They are still in the process of listening to what I worked on.

Other than that, that is what is happening on the musical front for me.

Stay blissed out peeps.

And face the music!!

Resending files for Slingshotmillion2

Today I went into the studio to resend three songs to Yui, the vocalist for Slingshotmillion2.

The songs were “Kawaranai mono”, “Buddies” & “Real.”

I took some time on Buddies. But the mix from before sounded better- I think.

Anyways these aren’t the final for mastering anyways. So I don’t feel bad for the mix.

On another note:

We recently have been using the BLA 173 from Black lion audio. And it really sounds nice! Very smooth and big compared with the FMR audio RNP.

Anyways thats what happened today in the studio.

Yui comes to record her new song

Today Yui (The Female singer for Slingshotmillion2)-Which I am also a part of, came today to the studios.

She recorded vocals, as well as some Electric guitar.
We used the BLA73 from Black Lion Audio for the first time in a session, and I am pretty pleased with the results. Much more depth and clarity, in the frequencies compared with the FMR audio RNP.

It will definitely be a help when Skip Taylor, Chris Larke, and Alika Arroyo come over.

At first I thought my microphone – The Shure KSM 32 sl was broken. But NO! It works flawlessly with this preamp. All that being said. We had a great time in the studio, and I sent off an mp3 to all the band members and I got a “Good Job”. Thumbs up from the band leader Jun.

Anyways, Chris Larke will be coming over this month. As well as Skip Taylor- the Fusion master.

So stay tuned for more Stillbliss news, and MAGIC coming your way!!

Slingsshotmillion2. Yesterday & today.

Today I finished the mixes of Slingshotmillion2’s new songs. One is called “Smile for you”. The other is called “Living road”.

We recorded bass for them yesterday, and today I finished adding the final touches to it. And sent off two mixes each for each song. A full and one BGM.

They are both in the genre of what we like to call “Mixture rock.”

I’m using my new pedal these days at rehearsal. And am finding it to be quite exciting to play with. It’s a Catalin Bread DLS 3. Bascially its called The “Dirty little Secret3” pedal. It is a distortion pedal which mimicks Marshall plexi’s from the 70’s.

It sounds really good when you crank it up. And when you pull back on the volume knob on your guitar, it cleans up nicely. it has more control then a typical amp cranked up at the same volume.

Therefore you feel like you have more control over your tones while playing. it is really quite nice.

Anyways. That is what has been happening at Stillbliss.

Alka Arroyo seems like he’ll be coming over to record some music pretty soon, for his new album. So Stay tuned for more news!!

Henma the drummer, arrives for a drum session. And a new tune from Chris.

Yes! We had a studio session today!

It was real fun. We recorded Drums. We recorded three songs. Of course at our studio we must multi track. But I mean who doesn’t multi track these days?

Yesterday we recorded vocals as you so already know.
And today we just put the drums over the existing vocals and guitar takes.

Henma came around 14:45. We finished around 19:00. Basically like yesterday, but JUST drums. We are recording these drums for our band Slingshotmillion2. As a guide for how our band “should” sound like.

As the drums aren’t the BEST here. We will be recording some drums later on next month or so at another studio. But the guitars will be tracked at our studio here at Stillbliss.

I can’t think of anything else to say, other than that we got alot accomplished. And I am feeling quite satisfied with the results.

I sent the mixes by Mp3 to my band members. Now just to see what they will say about the recording. That’s always the snag..but, so is the life of an engineer.

I hope you liked today’s post!

Come back for more updates on everything blissful, at another time!

See you soon.

Oh wait! I also Mastered Chris Commander/Ekral/Larke’s new numer called “We are the walking dead”.

So keep an eye or more like an ear out for that one on our record label Stillbliss records.

Slingshotmillion2 will be using this label in the future for uploading tracks to the net etc.

Stay tuned!!!

Slingshotmillion2 comes to record at the studios.

We recorded two songs today. Both are from the band Slingshotmillion2. Yes there used to be a Slingshotmillion. Now there is a two on the end of the name.

Hmm Sounds kinda funny. But what the heck!

Today we recorded guitars and vocals, as well as using some rifle shots and explosion samples in Fruity loops. Yes. We still use that program. It works really well, and I know how to use it better than the sequencer in Sonar.

I still use Sonar 8.5, and am on the Windows XP platform. Call me old school, because hey, I AM!

Today turned out good though. The two singers and performers of the group (Which I am in as well) said they had a fun time. We started around 13:00 and finished around 20:00.

They both came by bus and train.

I know it’s hard to come that way, But YES you CAN get to this studio that way, if you want to.

Anyways, I have to record drums tommorow, And this coming Thursday I will probably be recording our bassist.

These songs will all be sent out to almost all online retailers through our Stillbliss records label.

So if you want to help us out financially and support us by buying our tunes online then Thank you in advance.

Of course we still haven’t gottent that far yet. but anything good takes time. So, please be patient, we will be putting out new tunes from our stillbliss factory as well as using other studios to record the drums etc.

Stay tuned for mixture rock!

Busy with Chris Ekral and Slingshotmillion

Today I was in the studio to work on mastering another one of Chris Ekral’s hit wonders.
This one is called “I voted leave”.
Conjuring images of what’s been happening in the EU, with the UK and Europe voting on different issues.

I guess Chris wanted to make a tune out of this jumble mumble, that’s all part of voting, in a country.

So, I mastered the tune using IK-Multimedia’s T-Racks Standard edition, which I have been using for along time now. As well as sound forge and the Waves L2.

I also worked on sending my band, #slingshotmillion2’s main singer Yui the backing tracks only for her peripheral use.

That, and some nice coffee. Well, that’s what has been going down at the studios these days.