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A little review from Al’s Brother!

Here is a short review that Al’s brother did for Audio Stone’s new album:

One man’s critique (Part 1):
?Higher? has gotta be the single. Catchy hook, soaring vibe. This would be a hit in modern Christian churches I think. Is that you on the harm, Fred?
Morning Light: I thought this was a great introduction to your vocal versatility!
Cold Mountain: the guitar riffs are pretty rad here. Dig it. 
Day and Night: this one has a definite ?Greatest Hits of the 80?s? vibe. Some songs just FIT; no more or less required. This an example. Right in your vocal wheel house. My favorite of the album so far. Woo-hooo!!!
Got You could be anything you want, stylistically. Over-produce it for The Strokes, hyper-ize it for White Stripes, strip it down for MTV Unplugged… very catchy, too
Im so proud of you, Fred. That?s MY BROTHER!!!
Like for Part 2