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Chris Larke goodness, and some drum recording.

Day before yesterday, I got an email asking me to mix three songs of Chris larke`s for a live recording of him playing in a bar, which he wanted to polish up for retail purposes.

So I added some warmth with a cakewalk plugin, and then he asked me to master them, so I did. And he paid me the proper price, and was pleased with the results.

I also recorded some drums for the band Slingshotmillion.

The drummer came from Atsugi all the way to Hashimoto. Brought his own double kick pedal, & then started to record.

we recorded three songs of theirs.

Overall, alot of fun was had these past few days of recording, mixing and mastering.

Pt. 18 of the Lagoli show.

This time, it`s an interview, or more like questions that are being asked to Yui, (Slingshotmillion2`s main female singer) about different things she likes and what not.

This was all recorded with an iphone, and the whole show is being recorded here at our studios.

Sometimes they come every month.
But sometimes they don`t come every month, but they have these shows backed up. And they release them every week.

So I`m assuming that they will be coming over to record more of these shows. At the moment though, they are all full up for ideas.

So, I guess we`ll see what happens. Whether this show will continue, or not, is entirely up to them.

But it has been fun nevertheless.

Tommorow we will be recording drums for this same band.

We will keep you posted, as things develop.

As for now, we give you The Lagoli show.

Stay tuned for more information, on all things bliss!

Part 17 of the Lagoli talk show.

So, yeah. Honestly, they pay me pittance for recording these shows. Only 20$ for recording three shows. They have money but they think this is THEIR studio.

So, just recently, I made it clear to them that this is MY business. And I run it the way I want to. But of course all they say is- Well, we just won`t use you then.


Of course there are the polite people who actually pay the amount that it says on the fees page.

But all that ado, I give you their 17th rendition. Of their cheap ass talk show.
Here it is. My monitor speakers, one of them is broken, it intermittently works, and my mixer`s headphone jack needs replacement. And my DAW is having a hard time booting up. But they still only pay what THEY want to. Suckers!

Honestly people. Work for your time in a studio. So the engineer can keep the fucking studio running. And the gear running too.

So anyways, this is my life. I`m divorced because of people like this. Yes, this is not my day job, but it is ONE of my jobs. I hate people like Slingshotmillion. At least I`m not in their band anymore. That COMPLETELY sucked up all my money.

Bands suck. YouTubers as well. If you want to use a studio folks. Please pay the engineer something. not barely anything to keep a divorced man paying his rent and bills and support his family.

Slingshotmillion radio talk show. Part 15 & 16.

So I was kind of lazy with the last post they did on YouTube. They now have 16 talk shows, that have been recorded here at our studios.
Yes. they pay for my time and expertise as an engineer.
The 15th
show covers talking about heaven and whether there is an after life.


Covers bunjee jumping and what would you do if you were given 100$`s.
So, these radio talk shows are all in Japanese. But that`s not all that bad. Given you can learn some Japanese through it all.

I personally find these talk shows quite amusing.
They will soon be coming with their band to record songs here at the studios. Yes. We are busy busy. The grind is real.

Have a nice day!

And stay blissed out!


Radio Talk show PT.14

So, we have Lagoli, and Yui again.

Talking about Doraemon, and other things this time.
This online radio show is all in Japanese.

So if you want to learn Japanese, this could be a good way to learn!

It`s funny sometimes. Sometimes it`s infotainment.

And it was all done here at Stillblissstudios.

Where none other than the greats walk through these doors.

We have had alot of people to these studios. But this talk show is a first.
We hope you like it.

Here it is: In all it`s gorilla glory!

I personally suggest watching it till the end. As like an EP or CD, sitting in front of the tube is much more fun than pausing it like an MP3 or something of that sort.

Anyways, enjoy!!

I`m out.

Pt. 13 of Lagoli, and Yui!

So, honestly speaking, they have been coming to the studios for the past few months now working on a radio talk show. And I am sure you at least clicked it once or twice in your life now.

So, now it is in it`s 13 part.

Nothing different. just another subject to listen to and listen till our ears fall off. lol!

So without further ado, I give you LAGOLI & Yui! From the band Slingshotmillion.

Best regards for you and your day/life.

Peace! I`m out!

Jun & Yui rock again in the studio.

Yes. You may not want to hear it, but they came again.
To record another set of YouTube videos, basically radio talk shows in the space of about 15-20 minutes.

Yes you may want to hear about how all peachy things are. But honestly, I would give you all my skills, uduh, if I had any, to you. But honestly, I am getting paid squat for these recordings.

They think they are doing a service by coming over.

But no-one watches or listens to the stuff coming out of this studio anyways.

You all are probably just waiting for me to get ugly and fat sitting in front of this PC.

But honestly? This is not bliss. What is? Maybe gay people, maybe people who are working to listen to youtube videos.

But honestly, do you really think living off of junk food and SHIT really serves for me to be the one blogging about shit?

Honestly no. Just a sec, I need to smoke. No. I dont.

I am going to sip on a coke. Just a sec.

Alright, feeling a little bit better now.

But honestly. When you first came to this website, you were probably like, WTF is Stillbliss anyways.

Well, we started out as a band. Bands break up. People move on.

Me?? I kept on with the true feeling of music. Where you make music blissfully. not sitting behind some huge console thinking you are the boss. Of universal studios, or Capitol records.

We are a studio in Sagamihara which chooses to rock your world.
We dont put up with Bull shit.

Sorry but today I am just letting you know that I do not want any shit from you when you read this.

Of course i am getting paid. but i am not going to tell you how much. because honestly, this is a fucking retarded job.

Nobody wants to let you know the details that a recording entails.

And no one gives away secrets for free.

Okay, I am gonna finish this coke with some take out dinner from Sukiya.

Stay blissed out folks.

Peace Im out.

Alika Arroyo sings with us.

So, Alika came yesterday, and recorded one of his original Christian songs.
There were a few that could have been used. But we chose to record one that was called “open up my eyes”.

We are calling the artist who recorded this The Dandy Lions.

So, yeah, I know, you`re going to rip me off of that cool band name, like all the others like, The Beatles, The Bandaid`s etc, etc.

But honestly?

Anyways we mixed and mastered the track. Alika will decide what we will do from here. He was mentioning to record a couple more Christian related tunes here at the Stillbliss factory.

But as for now we have just one tune by The Dandy Lions.

We`ll see what comes of the future, of The Dandy Lions.

As for now, thanks for reading this far. Stay blissed out!

Slingshotmillion Radio talk show #12

So, we are in our 12 talk show rendition now.
Where the gorilla talks to Front girl (Yui) for the indie rock band Slingshotmillion.

I know I have been telling you about this constantly, but I tell you because I care for you.

I want you to be happy and listen to this radio talk show that we recorded here at Stillbliss.

It`s funny. It`s in Japanese. It`s not that long only about 15-20 minutes long. And it`s good ol entertainment.

We hope you like it!

So here is the link,

Chris Larke comes again!

Yep! He came. With his cute little flying V electric guitar which he bought here in Japan.

He also bought a bicycle at the Don Quixote store. His wife is staying at her parents place and spending some time with them. And Chris took the opportunity to come and do some recording with us!

We worked on a thirty second diddy, from start to finish. Which is part of his new Ep he will be putting out. which has four to five songs. The title? I don`t know yet.

But overall we had fun. We worked on some of his older stuff that has been sitting in our studio for a while now. Which he will be getting to soon. Because he wants to get this EP off the ground.

But this just goes to show, that we, are a great place for recreational activity.
We are always ready for new clients who want to use our cheap but high quality services.

I mean 2,000 yen and hour WITH AN ENGINEER???! Never heard of.

Maybe because we are a bit far from inner Tokyo. But still, that doesn`t stop the die hards from recording.

Ok. Now time to relax with Adriano Zapatta on itunes and taking in this beautiful sunny day here in Kanagawa.

Peace out.