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Vintage news! As by Jesse. -The studio..! And our form of business.

Yes! We may be just a recording studio.
But, we have magic behind our ears and teeth.
We work magic on every studio session.
Whether it be a full band, a single client from another country, or someone asks us to master their track, or make a lyric video.

We take GREAT PRIDE in everything we do. And it shows.

No matter what we do, we excel in perfection. Whether giving away free time for studio clients. Or giving away a free master for a track.

We are personal, AND professional!

No matter what your genre you plan on recording with us, we have only gotten good reviews.

5 stars on Facebook ain`t just a number, It`s reality. It`s numbers at its finest. It`s magic!

WE are not just a “studio”. we are a record label AND studios in the heart of nature. Ready to explode with you. If you choose to come with us, on our journey to sonic perfection!

Located 20 minutes from Kanagawa`s Hashimoto station by bus.

We are YOUR studio, for recreation, and stress free sessions!

Changing pitch for DJ Ali`s songs. From Facebook

Today I was asked by none other than the famed DJ, Ali. He sent me a Message on Facebook with the files he wanted to pitch shift a half a step down from C to B. I used Sound forge 7 from Sony to work this magic.

He is singing famous songs at bars and what not.
He uses us quite often, and will be paying me for my services, this coming Friday.

He will also be using us for mastering soon. And will be using our Stillbliss Records label for his soon up and coming new album.

So stay tuned for more Blissful news!

Chris Larke and Toki Shimizu

This morning I woke up to none other than Toki Shimizu. He just recently came back from visiting the states. He is also a Stillbliss customer, and used us a few years back.

I opened the toilet door after going to the bath room, and there he was, right in front of me. I was amazed.

Anyways, music related news, with Chris Larke; He recently asked me to mix a track for him.
We used The waves power pack, as well as Antares autotune.

He likes the results. We are just figuring out right now whether one main vocal is good, or two doubled main vocals are better.

He recorded tracks in a studio in England, then sent off the tracks to me for mixing. We will also be mastering this track, as well as DJ Ali`s tracks in the near future.

For mastering, I use IkMultimedia`s T-Racks Standard edition.

If you watched our 2017 tour on youtube, you`ll see what I mean.

Chris`s “Donald Trump F*** yeah” is a remake of the famous “America F*** yeah” Song. Instead he rewrote the lyrics for a new song, most likely called “Donald Trump F*** yeah!”

This song will also be released on our label, Stillbliss records.

Anyways Peeps. Stay alive. Stay happy! Stay blessed.

Thats it from me and stillbliss.


Mastering for Chris Larke. Recording drums for Slingshotmillion2, & Fusion guitarist Skip Taylor

Just yesterday I was working on Mastering Chris Larke`s four new tracks. They are renditions of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”. He paid us for mastering the tracks, as well as our time to make the four tracks. Mixing and mastering. Thanks Chris!

He will also be using Stillbliss records as his label for these releases.

We also recently have been getting jobs from DJ Ali.
He`s been asking us for what the key to certain songs are, as well as pitch shifting songs.

And very soon we will be recording drums, bass, Vocals, & guitar for Slingshotmillion2.

On the 18th of this month we will start recording of the drums, and then the bass, guitars, then vocals, then mix, and then master.

That`s the usually order of our Multi-tracking that we do here.

Skip Taylor will also be coming over to record some fusion guitar on the 26th.

So we are getting busy folks, and we will be keeping you updated on the latest news

Mastering for Chris Larke.

Today I got the ok to master his four tracks, that are remixes of the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta” lullaby.

It`s a kind of Mockery on the song, as he has four tracks,

“Kaeru in the Round”- Frog in the round.
“Kaeru Short”- Frog Short.
“Oshiri in the round”- Butt in the round. But he sings about farting.
“Oshiri Short”- Butt short. Also talking about farting. Just shorter.

He will be distributing these four tracks on nearly all online retailers; Itunes, Google play, Amazon etc.

He will be using Stillbliss Records, as his Record Label.

DJ Ali, will also be using our mastering services, like I mentioned earlier. As well as using our label.

And Skip Taylor will be coming over on the 26th this month, so Stay tuned.
Oh yeah, also on another musical note, this years Grammy Nominees album, all the tracks are dope! Bought the cd. No regrets!

OK. Now another sip of Cola!

DJ Ali, and Chris Larke jobs

They`re not exactly “jobs”. As I consider them to be very satisfying when it comes to working in the music business.

Just this morning I was asked to finalize Chris Larke`s four tracks that are a fun twist on the Japanese “Kaeru no Uta”.
There will be four tracks, and most likely he will be using us for mastering as well.

And we were also asked by none other than the talented DJ from the US who is currently based in Nagoya- DJ Ali. We were asked to pitch shift two songs of his. We used Sony`s sound forge for that task.

DJ Ali, said he will also be releasing a new album, and will be releasing it under our label- Stillbliss Records.

He will also be using our mastering services for his new album.

OK that`s all so far.

Oh Yes!

Skip Taylor will be coming on the 26th this month to record with me in the studio.

So keep coming back from more Juicy Blissful news!