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Deep Blue

Soon to be upon us!
We have the latest from Jesse & Al’s latest album.
Here is the email sent about 2 hours ago:

Dearest Al,
Here is the Final/Mastered/Remixed 6 track Album Of- Deep Blue.
Title Decided by both Al Arroyo Jr. And Jesse Sou Pritchard in 2021.Made in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Over the course of half a year.

All recorded, Mixed and Mastered by in house Producer Jesse Sou Pritchard @
Vocals, All Al Arroyo…Uduh!!
Like Of Course?!

 I was thinking this order for the album.
1. In The Beginning
2. Give Him The Glory
3. Psalms 23
4. Deep Blue
5. CSAP*
6. Sonic Groove

*Also known on Youtube, as: “Crazy Sex After Paranoia”

I`m sending this off to Al, as THE final send for (Deep Blue)


So Yeah, this is the latest hybrid of an album you can find right now, online.
Christian, yet still cool.
If you dig what we do here, stay tuned for more news that will talk about when we will upload it to itunes, Spotify, & Amazon.

We probably will not send this into Streaming platforms. Most likely Spotify will be the only Streaming platform for this album.

So, Stay tuned for more Blissful news soon to come HERE! On this website only!

“Whatever” New pop track available!

So, yeah, last night, I went into the studios, to work on something. Anything! And this song turns up at my genius door.
I know it’s short. Well, because I dont want to bore you with a long drawn out song.

Right now my parents are into some kinda Occult. I am definitely keeping safe distance from them. Even though they try to give me “Love” through hugs. But their whole demeanor is tantilizingly ugly.
They think they are Jesus Christ.
OK Enough about my pathetic lifestyle and choice of living location.
Here we give you the latest from Jesse Sou Pritchard. Yeah. Thats me!
We are not selling this song. Why? Well no-one seems to care about my tracks.
They are all into some kind of EDM or strong bass beatz.

Here at Stillbliss, It’s all about POP/Rock!
We keep things simply elegant. If you guys want this song to be longer, or if we should put it up, like we have done for countless songs. Then please let us know on YouTube!

We are content creators. But we don’t give out artwork for free!
So Here is the new track just made last night in the studios.


P.S. No! WE are not Ed Sheeran. We are intentionally making fun of him, and his recent dive into The Dark Side! With fangs and flying over mutilated people!

P.S.S. And, we are not encouraging you to go flying over people.
Keep it Bliss!! Hahah!

Happy July Fourth!

We bring you the Jacquie Shindel sessions.
So, today we worked hard in the studio on two songs for Jacquie’s Forthcoming album named, Mizukaze!
Which means Water, Wind!

We used the AKG C214 with Waves Plugins from the Waves Power pack.
Recently we’ve been realizing the need for an expander on the mix buss.
We personally use the C1 Compressor. From Waves!

Jacquie’s new album will have about five to six songs. We will be mixing them As well as mastering them, here. With the in house engineer, Jesse Sou Pritchard.

We have been adding guitars, as well as some bass, and some Audio samples of Waves, Wind, And Rain.

We also have been working with Christian Larke/Ekral.
He sent us STEM’s from the UK. We used our trusty Black Lion Audio’s B173 through a FMR AUDIO PBC6A, for warming and making bigger the stem’s that Chris And anyone, who wants to use our services. As a mixing engineer!

We use Sound Forge, As well as the Waves- Power Pack.
And our in house audio gear for bringing life to faulty Digital sounds. Which our gear does a pretty good job at.

So, Stay tuned for more news about Chris’s educational Tune, as well As Jacquie Shindel’s New Album Mizukaze!

Soon to be released on Stillbliss Records, for all Digital Stores!

Get on the band wagon folks.

Digital Streaming and online tunes, are taking over!

Thank you! For coming over to our blog today!

Jacquie Shindel’s Studio session.

So, yeah!
Yesterday Jacquie came to record a new song.
She has been coming over recently to work on her new album entitled: Mizukaze.
Meaning Water/Wind.

She has been coming over now for over half a year. And she brings her tune in her head, then asks me to put a chord progression over that.
And things seem to be going pretty smooth on that part there!

She made another album while she was in Canada, with her friends.
She is using all our services. The session playing, Recording, Mixing & Mastering.

As well as uploading to the net, itunes, spotify, And Amazon. Etc etc.

We have been using both the BLA 173 in conjunction with the PC6A compressor.
As well as the channels on the B12A Quad. For more than one channel recording.

We have also been using the trusty AKG C214 Professional Condensor Mic.
Anyways, keep a close eye out for a new album by Jacquie Shindel, very soon!
Probably in about at the most, two months time~!

“Yokohama Mama” & “Friends Are Family You Choose”. Mastered complete

Yeah man. So honestly, we just finished three songs from Jacquie Shindel.

She has a rough but husky tone of voice!
She wrote these songs herself. Then used our mastering, Recording, And mixing, as well as the session playing services.

So you could say: She went all out!
But, THAT’s what we’re here for!
To be of service to you!!

She will be using our Independant record Label for upload purposes.

I personally think two of the songs have real potential.
“Yokohama Mama” And one more.
I cant remember the name of the song. but once it’s mastered, we will have the details for when you can purchase these magical little wonders conjured up in our Stillbliss Laboratory.

We encourage those who are artists or musicians or bands, to come and experience all we have to offer. In terms of Quality, We have no competition. Even those with retrograde class gear.

It’s really more about the players, the musician, and the artists, who make something special that the whole world can hear!
Or more like the song! Because the song remains the same!

New session with Jacquie

Yes! We call her Jacquie around here.
She is quite the package!
Today we recorded another banger.
We used Celtic instruments, and some RGC loops.
Overall she “had a great time” Or so were her words!
So when we are fully up and running, she said she’ll definitely will be back to record some more!

She said she will most likely be using our record label for distribution!
Thanks dear Jacquie!
For now we give you a picture from today’s session!

Chris Commander Mastering. And “Stinky, Stinky Little Poo Mr. Clarkey Sings…(Featuring Lord Barnabus)”

So, Today we mastered a track for Chris, in the UK.
The song was called, “Hara Hetta”. Meaning, “I’m hungry”! In Japanese.

It was a short diddy, that has the same tune as a kids tune.

Chris has worked with kids for a while as a teacher. So, only understandable that he relates to kids as he does with his tunes.

Also very soon, “Stinky Little Poo” by none other than Mr. Clarkey Sings. Will be out on New years day!

Under our home grown label here in Japan, Kangawa Ken, Sagamihara shi- Stillbliss Records.

Stay tuned on this blog for more Blissful news!
Happy holidays! And Merry Christmas!

“Stinky, Stinky Little Poo Mr. Clarkey Sings…(Featuring Lord Barnabus)” Soon available!

We just finished mastering Mr. Clarkey’s latest humorous track, that will be released on all Digital formats.
most likely by January 1st.

It is a funny little ditty.
If you are into Joking tunes, it might be your cup of tea!

Once it is released, we will officially let you know.
As for now, just be excited about it!

“Ah but it’s cold outside”!
Yes it’s the holiday season.
We’re all wishing you all the best!
We hope you are all enjoying it with those you love.
Stay tuned for more Stillbliss news!

“Stinky Little Poo” & “Brexit Wonderland” By Chris Commander. The STEM sessions. As well as “Joanne” by Audio Stone- Mastered at Metropolis Studios.

So, we’ve been working with Chris from the UK now for more than a decade it seems. He always pays us for our work, and commends us for our quality.

Today we got an email from him asking us to replace some guitar parts for “Brexit Wonderland”. As the previous ones weren’t in sync with the drums, that were perfectly on time. As you can see, we also perform session work as well as recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

When it comes to mastering, we have only had good things said about our quality. We even had Rubella, a UK rock group who asked us to master one of their songs. They said they will use us again!

Anyways. “Stinky Little Poo” is a kids song that plays to the melody of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. And Chris, put some hilarious lyrics to it.
He asked us to add a Piano part that he did in his home studio in the UK.

For Brexit, we boosted the guitar track that as sent us. We ran it through our BLA 173 and PBC 6a combo. To fatten the sound. As well as making it mono. like we do almost all our stereo trax, that can become Mono.

Anyways, I think I gave all my secrets away here.
Oh yeah! We use Ik MultiMedia’s T-Racks 3 standard for Mastering. As we can afford it, and it is the most phattest sound on the digital market for mastering, that we have heard.

Last night we also finished mixing a single from Audio Stone’s new album that will be coming out soon. We wanted to add the extra magic that came with mastering from Metropolis Studios.

So, keep an eye out for “Joanne” a true love story by the dudes at Audio Stone, here in Japan.
We love you!
And wish all the best for this seasons greetings!
Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Stillbliss.

“The Rugby Song” Available on Youtube! And all Digital Download sites NOW!

Here we give you Chris Commander’s “The Rugby Song (Union vs League)”
New song all the way from the UK!
He has touched on many subjects, ie; The Corona outbreak, and so many others.
Here is his latest rendition to his masters, now on the subject of the UK’s favorite sport.
We hope you like it, just as we had as much fun in producing it for him!