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A fun time was had, at Rokudemonai yoru.

We had a blast with all the people from Mujakids playground. Or so it`s called.

We had a couple bands perform before our band. We were the main band at the end of the event.

One person mentioned that he became a real drunkard after meeting us. Hey buddy we hope you take it all in good intentions.

Anyways that happened on the 14th of this month.

I just recently came back from a wedding gig in Nagano Prefecture. Matsumoto to be exact. Now I finished doing all of the home chores, and am just blogging here to let you know all things bliss.

Stillbliss practice and future artists.

So, according to my memories, I am Stillbliss. I was conceived in a studio, I enrolled in music at high school, I have a music certificate. And I know music theory. And according to my latest memories, I am still in a pop band.


That`s the bands name.

We will be holding our own private show at Shibuya`s live house guilty on the 9th of September. And we have been practicing alot for it.

It seems like we will have a good time, and hopefully everyone who comes will too!

Also Alika Arroyo from Hawaii, will be coming over in the near future to record with us.

Also a band from Africa wants to come over to our studios to record. But of course they have to get to Japan to do that.

Anyways, other than blissful news, I have been listening alot to Lady antebellum. Alot of their stuff s really good. They sound like they only drink whiskey. LOL!

But I mean who doesn`t drink whiskey and write songs?

No songwriter never ever did not drink something before writing songs.

Anyways, enjoy your day or afternoon or night, all you beautiful people!

And come back for more news!!


Stillbliss style in Tokyo/Shimokitazawa

Today we rocked Tokyo.
We played an hour long show.

With Slingshotmillion2, Pablo and other bands from the indie scene in Japan. It was held at Live house Rokudemonaiyoru.

It`s a small venue on the third floor of a building at Shimokitazawa station.

Yes, I sometimes feel as if I`m talking to no-one. But I know that anything done with diligence will be rewarded.

We will be paying our hosting site Godaddy the annual fee this month, to keep this site going.

We hope you like the content. And me: your host Jesse Sou Pritchard, will be faithfully keeping you updated with what`s bliss in Japan, Basically Tokyo, my band and what happens at our studios.

So, there you have it. My band performed a live show. And tommorrow I`m a free man! Happy, and free. At least for a day!


Peace out!

I need to take a shower and get some Z`s.

Slingshotmillion2 Live show on the streets of Kawasaki.

Today I had the chance to do two things in one day; Ride on an express train From Nagano Ken, for a wedding gig, And then Perform on the streets of Kawasaki with my POP/Rock band Slingshotmillion2.

It wasnt THAT great, as I had to carry alot of stuff on the train at the end of the day. But I guess it was a success, as some tickets for our September 9th show which will be held at Live stage Shibuya Guilty got sold. And I got a free tea drink from a fan! Of course that`s the best thing! Getting free things from fans.

Anways, today was a great day. Sometimes just having a change from the usual tends to be quite refreshing.

2017 9/9 Slingshotmillion2!! Live show at Shibuya Guilty!!

Hi everyone who comes to this page!
I`m not sure who does, but if you live in Tokyo or close to it, come check out my new band, Slingshotmillion2!

We each need to get 20 customers into the venue, and this is one of the ways I am trying to get people to come!

It is a two hour show with our 5 piece POP/Punk/Rock band, called Slingshotmillion2.

There used to be a Slingshotmillion, band. But the members changed, and now there is the bassist of former English Rock band Anti Vigilante, and me from the former band STEM, and Stillbliss.

We have ben practicing in the studio now for over five or six months, and we have original tunes. Quite hard core sounding. If hard rock isn`t your cupa tea, then move along!

But if you like distortion guitars, and good vocals, and catchy melodies, with good musicians, then by all means PLEASE come and buy a ticket, on Septemeber the ninth.

The doors open at 6 pm, and the show starts at 7. the venue ends at 10.

The event will be held at Shibuya live house Guilty.

If you DO show up and have come from reading this post. Please let me (The lead guitarist) Jesse, know!! Thanks!

Anyways, you have seven months to decide, to buy a ticket or not.
(Tickets are 2,500 yen- one drink included) and they are sold at the venue.)

If you would like to hear some of the songs that we will sing please check out these links;

Buddies” “Kawaranai mono” “Real

We will be recording more songs, very soon!

So Stay tuned for more Blissful news!