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Lady Peacock in Kawasaki


Here we have Lady Peacock performing on the streets of Kawasaki.
She has been strategically placing herself onto the streets of Japan, since she has been recording her Mizukaze album since 2020-2022.

The list of the song titles are as follows:


  1. Water Is Love
  2. Up The Drunken hills We Go
  3. Yokohama Mama
  4. Friends Are Family You Choose
  5. Scary Harry
  6. Mizukaze
  7. Weller Man
  8. Digital Vamp

    Here is the itunes link.

What`s pop these days, post.

So, first off, this IS a Studio`s blog.
So if you want to know what we`ve been up to these past few years, then this is the post you want to read today.

With the Covid19/Corona virus, and people panic buying, there ain`t no time for tunes. But honestly Chris Commander made a song called “Corona Virus (The Song)” for this pandemic.

Here is the youtube video.

We`ve also been spending time with family as well as washing our hands and gargling after going outside.

So, we really wish that you can come over to our studio`s.

Very soon we will be recording Fando. An artist with a backpack Martin guitar, who works for CocaCola.

Whattaya know! We have retro written all over us.
He- Fando, is a Singersongwriter.
He came from Argentina. Lived in Australia, and now is living here in Japan.

We don`t know for how much longer this outbreak will be but we hope you all are washing your hands and gargling after you`ve gone out of your house.

And stay up to date by staying blissed out and visit our blog for things POP!!

Mastering Tracks for band Mother Slug

Today I stepped into the studio to master a track for band Mother slug.

The guitarist wanted a sample of how our mastering stands up to other mastering services.

Our sound can only be described as “Phat”.
Yes, we use digital software aka T-Racks 3 Standard.
But it sure does the job well!

We are waiting for a reply from the guitarist who mixed the whole album, (which will most likely be released under our label Stillbliss records.) And the album will be called ‘Riddle the sun’. By Mother slug.

We just hope that they will want to use our mastering services.
Until then, fingers crossed, we will be waiting for their positive reply.

Slingshotmillion2 comes to record at the studios.

We recorded two songs today. Both are from the band Slingshotmillion2. Yes there used to be a Slingshotmillion. Now there is a two on the end of the name.

Hmm Sounds kinda funny. But what the heck!

Today we recorded guitars and vocals, as well as using some rifle shots and explosion samples in Fruity loops. Yes. We still use that program. It works really well, and I know how to use it better than the sequencer in Sonar.

I still use Sonar 8.5, and am on the Windows XP platform. Call me old school, because hey, I AM!

Today turned out good though. The two singers and performers of the group (Which I am in as well) said they had a fun time. We started around 13:00 and finished around 20:00.

They both came by bus and train.

I know it’s hard to come that way, But YES you CAN get to this studio that way, if you want to.

Anyways, I have to record drums tommorow, And this coming Thursday I will probably be recording our bassist.

These songs will all be sent out to almost all online retailers through our Stillbliss records label.

So if you want to help us out financially and support us by buying our tunes online then Thank you in advance.

Of course we still haven’t gottent that far yet. but anything good takes time. So, please be patient, we will be putting out new tunes from our stillbliss factory as well as using other studios to record the drums etc.

Stay tuned for mixture rock!

Chris Commander mix session

Today I went in the studio to work on adjusting the levels for Chris Commander/Ekral/Larke’s tune called “We are the walking dead”.

Recently I have been having a hard time getting the levels set just right to where he wants it. But I am trying my best to make sure I have a happy customer, as he is quite a regular for us.

Keep an eye out for a soon coming release of this song on the stillbliss records label!


Working on Chris /Commander/Larke’s/Ekral new song!!

It’s called, “We are the walking dead.”

I worked on it this morning. After my breakfast of bread eggs n’ Coffee. Walked into the studio, and worked on Mixing the levels and sitting the vocals into the mix.

Chris, recorded some vocals in another studio in England, and sent me the files through Dropbox. I downloaded the file, and uploaded it into my DAW.

I am just waiting for his ok. Then we will master it with our trusty T-Racks 3 Standard software.

New tunes from Chris Commander!!

We’ve just got news that Chris Commander or better known as Chris Larke, or Chris Ekral, has two new tunes available for digital downloads.

They are called “I Voted Leave (And Leave Won)“, and “Her boyfriend.”

Both are poppy songs.

For one, they were both mixed & mastered at our studios, and two they are just good songs in general.

I Voted Leave (And Leave Won)” is about the recent financial crisis facing the UK with their voting system.
And the second track “Her Boyfriend” is a remake of his hit song Leboyfriend, which was on Chris Larke’s ‘Songs’ Album from the 2,000’s. We have been collaborating with Chris for over 5 years for sure. He has been a great client and is a great songwriter and composer.

We have been staying in contact with him by him sending us STEM’s through the net, and we mix the tracks and master them and add any extra details that he might need or want.

And overall we have been coming through with flying colors.

At least our Clients are happy. And we are happy to announce new products from Stillblissstudios and records.

Chris has been using our label, which is free to use if you have a relation to our studio, whether through mixing and or mastering or adding elements to our tracks, or hell, just overall coolness in coming to record with us. It is all available.

Just like Snow patrol said it so well- “It’s all for you”

So, with further ado, we give you Chris’s latest creations. All on our Stillbliss records label!!

Chris Ekral sends us STEMS

Today I worked on his new number called, “We are the walking dead.”

It’s the Backing track for his number called “Games” where his friend, a female singer, sings the tune.
But instead of singing about the TV series: Game of Thrones, He’s singing about the walking dead.

I don’t know if that’s GOOD or BAD. You tell me. Anyways, he’s paying us for the time it takes to mix and to set the levels just right.

He has been a good customer of ours for over the past four to five years. And we only wish him the best of success on his tunes and sales.

Keep an eye out for Chris Ekral, and his tunez.

Chris Ekral’s “Her boyfriend” & “Her boyfriend sensored” Mastered & future artists coming to the studios!

Just yesterday I went into the studio to finish the last touches for Chris Ekral’s two new songs called “Her boyfriend” And a censored version of the same song.

It was fun working on sensoring it with the Dblue tape stop free plugin. I used T-Racks standard for mastering the two tracks.

I also used Sound Forge and the L2 also for mastering the two tracks, as it was starting to distort in T-Racks.

Chris has been using our services over the net for the past few years. By sending us the stems through the net.

We will soon be having an Artist coming over on the 8th of this month to record with us. He is coming over from Nagoya. His name is Ali. He is a singer and DJ as well.

After sending the mastered mixes to Chris, we are just waiting for his ok comment. Then he will be sending in the tracks for online publishing. He will be using our Stillbliss Records label.

Like it says on the home page. Our label is free to use, if you have some relation to the studio.
Like if you’ve used us and our mixing our mastering services. Or even just having me play the guitar and bass and remixing etc. The possibilities are endless.

We will also be recording Mother Slug’s singer’s vocals here very soon. Keep coming back for more Stillbliss news.