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Skip Taylor and Chris Larke studio sessions!

The other day, Skip Taylor came out to the country side, here at Stillbliss.
He recorded some piano parts, as well as some voice over demo work for possible voice over opportunities.

He also added vocals for a song called “Breakfast Is The Sin”. Which is a dance pop number from a producer in Switzerland. We layed vocals over the backing track from the producer using the AKG C214. And Skip commented that, “The mic worked like a champ!”

Thank you Skip! We always like positive reviews from our dear clients.

Best of luck dear Skip! We wish you the best!

This morning I woke up to an email from Chris Larke in the UK for some mixing work.
He sent us the STEM’s for a new number we’re working on. And we boosted the levels using the Black Lion Audio BLA 173 and FMR Audio PBC 6a. Overall the past few days were a class A typa day’s.

Thanks dear Chris And Skip!
Thank you!

…You are what keep us alive and kicking!

The Dandy Lionz – Closer Album 2020 version, finally Available for purchase.

We were hesitant about uploading our album due to copyright issues with the singer, due to incorrect naming of the songwriter/singer.

But just today, I am amazed that our album made it to the digital formats.
I guess God is on our side, and prayer changes things!

So here we give you in all its glory ‘Closer’.
By our in house band- The Dandy Lionz.

We are actually working on remixing and adding better elements to the tracks, as well as taking out some tracks and adding better ones in their place.

But for all you hard core POP/Rock fans out there digging into your pockets, for a taste of pop sugar, then this just might be your ticket.
From the moment of release, we already sold quite a few copies.

We hope you like it!

Here you are!
A bit:

Amazon USA
Amazon Japan

“The Rugby Song” Available on Youtube! And all Digital Download sites NOW!

Here we give you Chris Commander’s “The Rugby Song (Union vs League)”
New song all the way from the UK!
He has touched on many subjects, ie; The Corona outbreak, and so many others.
Here is his latest rendition to his masters, now on the subject of the UK’s favorite sport.
We hope you like it, just as we had as much fun in producing it for him!

New Album in the works!

Today we had Ichiyo San, And dear Al, over for a studio session.
We worked on some vocals, harmonies, and Drums.

We used the Cinemag Transformers in the BLA B12aQuad.
As well as the BLA 173 with Edcore Transformers!

We have some broken condensor mic problems right now.
So we used the Shure Beta 58a as the room mic.

We mixed in Sonar 8.5, on a Win XP PC.
We have been using this setup for more than a decade now.
We wont go to mac. That’s for sure!

We also master with IK Multimedia’s T-Racks three standard.

We have been getting good reviews from Clients using this setup!
Attached to this post is the pics from Today!


Chris Commander’s New tune; “The Boris Johnson Song”

Available now for download!
It’s a short comical clip Of Boris Johnson not being able to make out a sentence due to his lack of vocabulary perhaps or being exceptionally shy? Or probably not having the words to say.

Anyways, this was a collaboration between Chris in the UK. Him sending me STEM’s over the net and me running the stems through our analog gear to spruce things up a bit.

Anyways, here’s the links to the track;
All on Stillbliss Records!

Google Play

“I Will Survive”

So the other day,
we spent more than half of it, recording drums and vocals, for Alika Arroyo’s new number.
Well, It’s not THAT new, being that it was one of his tracks from his previous band that won a contest with this number.

We used the Cinemag Tranformers on the B12A Quad, as well as the Edcore Transformers on the B173 pre’s.

We used the KSM 32SL as the room mic, and the last four pre’s we used for the over heads and kick and snare.

Yes! It sounded like Fu%in Rock N’ Roll Baby!
His vocals were a bit distorted. But I kind of liked that version. So I didn’t ask Alika for a retake.

Anyways, all that to say, I am just now waiting for Alika’s reaction to the mix I gave him!

And if he likes it, we’ll use it on the Album that we are working towards finishing.

So, yeah. Al’s new band new album forth coming!

So yeah! Like the title suggests. We have been working on a couple more songs to finish up the album that was previously called ‘Closer’ By the DandyLionz.

That album never made it to the other distributors. Only a couple sales from that album came in.

Al, the singer, for this album, and the face on this post, wanted a couple different tracks for the record.

I’m still not sure which one we will be adding to this album, but honestly? I couldn’t care less.

We have been having a blast recording the past few weeks, whenever we can to finish up this album for you to partake of.

Some ear candy licks from yours truly, are placed in this gem of an album, all recorded, Mixed & Mastered At Stillbliss.

We have been getting good comments, and different suggestions for the tone of the album.
As for now, just wait!
We will have an album for you to devour soon!

So stay tuned for new music in the near future!

Keep keepin’ on folks!

Thats all from me!

Stay Blissed out!