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Chris Ekral uses Stillblissstudios for mastering

Christian Larke, or better known for his artist name as Chris Ekral, has been using this studio for a long time now, and we have been connecting with him through the net, with Stems, Remixing, Mastering and mixing, etc.

Today we got the pleasure of mastering his new song “Ewelina & The Eyes_Games (mix)”

It’s a take on The very famous Tv series- Game of thrones.

We mastered it for him.
And we wish you the best Chris on your success!

Slingshotmillion songwriting session at the studios.

I’m also part of this band, I am the lead guitarist and composer. We all had a great time passing ideas around.
And just last night I finished writing lyrics for a ‘mixture’ rock song. Slingshotmillion has a knack for mixture rock. It’s like slow rock mixed with metal type of thing.
It was pretty fun! We got to hang out in the studio almost all day. We will be doing the same thing on the 30th this month. After all, we need to get new songs down so we can perform at live houses.

Chris Studio session

Hey everyone!

Chris Ekral came to the studio the other day.
We recorded some vocals as well as editing some new songs that have been sitting on the studio’s computer for a while now.

So he came all the way from London to record here. Well, he also came to visit Japan. But he came the studio, and that’s really all that matters.

Here he is with his Ukelele. He is back in London, but will be communicating over the net with me about his songs and how he would like them to be.

All these songs will be on most online stores very soon. Under the Stillbliss Records label.

New song out now! “I’ll be singing.”

Jesse Sou Pritchard is the founder of these studios.
Of course, with the help of his great Father, he has amassed the gear and studio to call it a studio, he hasn’t done it all by himself. Anything new or musical good probably comes from above.

So without further ado, we would like you to listen to Jesse Sou’s new hit, “I’ll be singing.”

It’s a little diddly tune for when your hearts are down and sagging. We hope this tune lifts you up. And of course if you buy it, then well, you will be supporting us.

And we thank you in advance for your kindness!!

“I’ll be singing”


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“Stay with me” Available for download

Jesse Sou Pritchard is the founder of Stillblissstudios and Stillbliss Records. So it is no doubt that he writes a song every now and then.
This song is about love and the hardships that life may throw at us.

Stay ahead of the curve with this new fresh tune from the Stillbliss record plant.

If you want to hear it before purchasing it go here:

It is now available for purchase from all major digital download sites.

Here are a few of the major ones:




Thank you for considering purchasing this tune!

Have a nice day!

Lyrics for “Stay with me”

Love never came so easily to me
It came by surprise
I just sat there and waited
Biding my time

You turned around
and smiled for me
My whole world opened up

You said I need you
And I said you need me
I didnt understand

Then you kissed me
Now I know

I wanna feel your heartbeat
listen to me
I need ya
I want ya

Please stay right with me
yeah I’ll go crazy
If you’re not
here with me

love is my heart beating for you
an ocean of tears
all gone are the years

Living the way I’m supposed to
biding my time, and not drinking wine

The thoughts in my head
Need to be freed instead

Where’s the love
Where is the hope
I’ll find it
In your eyes

I wanna feel your heartbeat
listen to me
I need ya
I want ya

Please stay right with me
yeah I’ll go crazy
If you’re not
here with me

Sometimes I go to sleep
I pop a pill
To clear my minds eye
To keep my heart still

Because you aren’t there
Why aren’t you with me

oooo oooo oooo

Now that I’ve opened up
Dont cut me apart
If you’ll just listen to me
I swear I wont fall apart

Ooo ooo ooo

Chorus x2


Vallenteevino studio session

Yesterday we had the pleasure of serving rapper from Africa Vallenteevino. He is very skilled with his words. He also used a beat from a beat making company in the states, and preordered the beat, so we didnt have to make anything, except just record vocals.

He was pleased with the results, and said he will come back again.

Yesterday we also mixed and mastered his rap track too!

Overall another blissful session!

Working on a Chris Commander tune

In fact we are working on two of his tunes, that he recorded in England.
He sends me the STEMS through a file sharing site, and I just add that to my DAW.

One of the tunes are a Christmas tune, and the other one is based on the Game of thrones TV series.

It’s been exciting, working on adding drums, bass, guitar, and vocals and mixing it in the the box.

I’ve been using the Waves Power collection as well as the L2, and R-bass also from Waves.

I use Sonar, and have been using it for quite sometime now.
I still use the producer version for Windows XP.
It’s the 8.5 producer version.

I’m planning in the future to upgrade my gear, from my FMR audio RNP, RNC, as well as my Mackie Onyx 1620.

I am looking at the API audio 3124+.

Once I have that, I think I will be a happy puppy!