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Today`s grueling studio session, with dear Alika Arroyo.

Today we worked hard on three songs, that are going to go onto a new Christian EP that we have planned for the near future.
We don`t have a sponser yet. But we are hoping that we will be noticed by someone.

Yes. I know. I own a label AND a website. And can upload my tracks to digital download sites.

But honestly how many of you want a Christian Album that is only digital…
No-one. I know!
That is why we are trying to get all the best songs of ours and put it in a nice little Stillbliss style format and genre? I dont know. But honestly. Who here wants to listen to more EDM anyways.
Post malone?
Anyways. My point here is that we have rocking good songs that can eaily go onto your playlist.

If you are a Christian label please hit me up!
Anyways that`s what transpired today in the studio.

Chris larke mastering. And new tune out soon!

August 31st. To be exact.
Available on all digital download stores.
All on our record label- Stillbliss Records.

It`s called “Oshiri short”. Based off of the Japanese “Kaeru no uta”.

Chris Larke changed the lyrics to- Oshiri no uta.

Yes. I know. It`s a bit morbid in taste. But it`s funny nonetheless.

We hope you look forward to, and enjoy our new release.

All mixed and mastered here at Stillbliss.

Stay tuned for more insight into all things blissful.

Another Fernando Ezeberry Session.

Today we rocked in the studio. We recorded two songs of his. Two originals.
He came from Roppongi with his motor bike all the way to Sagamihara.

He said he wants to record more songs before he heads back to Australia.

We are using the Black lion Audio BLA 173, into a FMR AUDIO PBC6A. All this through the Shure KSM 32.

Into RME converters, into Sonar.

We have been using this setup for over a decade now.

We have been having only success with this studio.

And thank you for coming this far with us. On our musical journey.
Keep coming back for more blissful news!

Enjoy your day, wherever you may be!


Not suckers. Just mixing and mastering.

So the past few days, I`ve been contacting Satoshi Nakamura over the net sending a track back and forth, all the while mixing it, and tweaking it.

Just to get the sound the way he wants it before we master it.
He liked it today.
So we mastered it. Using T-racks 3 standard.

We are still using the good ol tried and true Black lion audio BLA 173, through the FMR AUDIO PBC 6a compressor.
Things have never sounded better.

Yes, we may have used the RNP, And, the RNC.

But honestly. You need to upgrade, if you want more clients, and if you want them to be happy with what you give them.

Ok! Over and out.
That`s all that`s blissful here at the studios.

Keep up with the latest of all things bliss here!

Satoshi & Tatsuya. In the studio.

So, the other day, we worked with two talented boys from Saitama and Shibuya. They had an original track, that they played the piano first for the base.

Then they added strings, and cellos, then some vocals.

They had`nt decided on a name for the track, so they just named it after Tatsuya. The good looking bloke for this post.

They had some fun. And we are still working on getting the vocals just right. We are sending the vocals tracks to Satoshi, who will edit them accordingly to his taste.

Anyways, thats what`s bliss these days.

And yes, we will be mastering the track after we get it just right for them.

Fernando comes again!

last night I got another five star rating on Google.
That gives me nothing but five stars on google and Facebook.

Last night Fernando Ezeberry came to rerecord some vocals of his.
If he likes the sound that our studio has, he will be coming back to the studio.

He said it`s a bit far from Tokyo, but worth it. Thank you Fernando!

Had a good breakfast with Eggs and bread, and some coffee.
Now I`m just typing on my windows 10 laptop in my room.

Yes, I know. You don`t need all that info. Anyways, I thought I`d let you in on my little world of recording today.

OK. That`s all the blissful news for now.

Fernando Ezeberry. From Argentina.

We just got through a two song session with Fernando Ezeberry from Argentina. He is currently in Australia, but is just visiting Japan for six months. And he found our studio on Google. And we scheduled a session from quite a while ago.

He used our mixing, recording, session playing, and Mastering services.

A real nice guy!

He drove all the way from Roppongi, to Sagamihara on a motor bike.
He said he wants to visit Japan with his Motor bike.

I mean it seems smart enough to me! LOL!

So, he brought his little Martin Geetar, on his back on the motor-bike.

Even in this rainy weather.
He got here first before me. But waited in his wet clothes outside.
Poor guy. But, he said he was happy with what we were able to accomplish.
He paid us in cash, and said that he wants to record two more songs, if our schedules meet up in-line.

Anyways that`s me signing off to say that that is all things bliss for now.

Peace out!

Yui in the studio.

Yes. She came yesterday to lay some tracks down. we recorded alot in the space of about five to six hours.

We recorded main vocal parts for her part, in each song.
We also helped her with the harmonies. On what to sing etc.

Overall we had a great time rocking out in the studio.

Using the Shure KSM 32sl, through the Black lion audio BLA 173, neve clone preamp and the PBC6a Professionally balanced compressor.

Layering the vocals only sounded more poppy once we got the tracks to pop!
Anyways, that is what`s been going on, on the home front.

Please enjoy more posts like this. As there will be more sessions coming in the near future.

Some Slingshotmillion vocal recording last night.

So, Jun, the leader of the indie punk rock band Slingshotmillion, came last night to lay some vocals down.

We didnt have the final trax for reference, but he did have an mp3 of the trax his guitarist from his home studio sent him. So we lined up the track into Sonar with the metronome, and started having some fun.

We worked on three songs of theirs. One called “Sunny”, and “Raise me up” and last but not least “Orange”. All poppy tracks.

They said they are using my studio for creating the standard track before heading off into a famous high priced studio.

Well, good luck guys!

And that`s what`s been happening on the home front.