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Recording artists since 04′


Dear reader/artist/musician/band/YouTuber/Producers, etc,


 –Some things are special,
   But, we open up to you

are a commercial recording studio, AND an Independent online publishing record label (Stillbliss Records),
based thirty minutes by bus, from Hashimoto station, in Kanagawa Ken, Sagamihara shi.

AND just a three minute walk, from the Koshimizu bus stop.

& we are also..

The birthplace of; Toki Francis Shimizu, KICE-(Pronounced Kayce),Crank killer-T, Suspect Zero, Adriano Zapatta, Slingshotmillion, Jago, Steve Hood, Shock!, Chris Larke/Ekral/Commander/and the helpers, Darren Chilton, Ali Huggins, Mike Kendra & Martin Leroux, Mother Slug (Tokyo), Takaki Longfield, Fando, Lone Wolf, The Dandy Lionz, Nature Airliner, Mr.Clarkey  and, many people too numerous to count!

Location: We are 1 & a half hours from inner Tokyo, by train and bus. (20 mins, on the bus, and an hour and 10 minutes or so on the train.

The studio is 20 minutes away from Hashimoto station by bus.

The gear: The brands & gear that we use at our studios:

Black Lion audioB12a QuadBlack lion audio– single channel Class A preamp-BLA 173, Fender USA- 1987 Standard Strat, RME- Multiface AD/DA converters, Event- ASP6  Studio monitors, Cakewalk- Sonar Producer edition, Damage Control- Womanizer distortion pedal, AKGC214 Profesional Large Condenser Studio MicrophoneEHX Grand Canyon reverb pedal, Hiroshi Tamura,-Classical guitar, Yamaha- RBX bass guitar, Yamaha APX-IOS acoustic guitar, FMR audio- PBC6a aka: Professional balanced compressor, Rode- NT5 small studio capacitor microphone: matched pair, Catalin BreadDirty little secret Mk.3 overdrive pedal, Shure- Sm57x2, Beta 57a, beta 58a & Beta 52, Waves- power pack,  MackieBig knob Studio, Antares,- Autotune tuning softwareSony- Soundforge editing software, IK MultimediaT-racks standard 3. Four pairs of headphones- 1.Sony- MDR CD 900ST, 2.Jestax- CDH-110, 3.Audio Techinica– ATH 200AV, 4.& one non brand set.
And we’ve got some, Bongos, Shakers, Maracas, 2 Tamborines, Two Capo’s, & even a bali finger piano.

We also have a full Pearl acoustic drum set, with a Yamaha acoustic snare, A double kick pedal, and Zildjan ZBT pro 4 cymbals.

Here is a demonstration of our studios drum mix quality

Our mission;

Is to cater to your needs! Whether it be recording vocals, online radio shows, recording guitar, or drums, or your band, or showcasing your work on our site, and helping you get your tunes onto most online retailers; ie, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, etc.


We also offer the service of online digital phat mastering! For only, 20$ per track! (We listen to your trax through 1K$ monitors, And German AD/DA conveters) Which is one of our hot services.
We also use IK multimedia`s T-Racks standard edition for all mastering, as well as the Waves L2 to get your tracks or whole album, real hot & warm, ready for digital distribution.

-Analogue saturation/mixing.

We also offer the service of mixing through our analog gear.


We receive payment through PayPal, postal, cash on hand or bank transfer.

Free Record label use:

We let the artists who come full access to our Recurd label-

Stillbliss Records



you must have some relation, to our studio, whether through recording, or session or mixing & mastering services.

We can help you with your harmony parts, and also remix and add elements/beats etc, to your songs through session playing, (Either by playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, or anything musical.)

We also connect to our artists through the net, by sending  STEMS back and forth for mixing or session work.

We have worked with artists from the likes of, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, U.S.A., Africa, & many more.

                                      We can speak English and Japanese.

      Success stories:

We’ve had two of our clientele tunes get onto Japanese Karaoke.

Also another artist that came here had his tune used on a Toronto Independent movie.

Also on another note-
One of our first clients who came over seven years ago,
has nearly 19,000 listens
on one of his Soundcloud ulpoads.
Completely done here.

And since then, we have significantly upgraded our arsenal of gear.

Also indie rock band Slingshotmillion has had a track of theirs, (Completely done here) on High Beam Record`s 2018/11/28 release.
Also one of their trax, that were engineered here, other than mastering has nearly 20,000 views on YouTube.

And another client who used our mastering &- adding elements to a mix services, for a Japanese cultural festival tune: won first prize for best performance!

We also offer teaching guitar to those interested in learning. for 2,000 yen an hour.

And here is our latest studio tour:

Thank you for reading this far!



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