“Alzelia Moon” “Freddy`s Song”, and “Wayfairing Stranger”- The sessions!!

Al Arroyo Junior! Captain of the Audio Stone Ship, came today to record some improvement vocals.
For Freddy`s song, he chose to fix some lyrics.
We also worked hard today for a Cover of “Way-fairing Stranger!
Im Sure!

All know that song by now!
But we are covering it due to it being a good form of Advertising for the band Audio Stone!
We will be uploading it to YouTube. And possibly buying credits, for the use of the song.

We used the BLA173 through the FMR AUDIO PBC6A.
Into RME/German AD/DA.

“Alzelia Moon” and “Freddy`s Song” -The Sessions.

Al is on leave, or say, Vacation. Like alot of us these days.
He came over yesterday to record His tunes.

It was real fun!
We used the EHX Grand Canyon For Alzalia Moon.
And Acoustic Guitar as well as vocals, in ONE take!

We used our trusty rusty. OK, Not RUSTY, but its just a saying.

AKGC214 Going through the Class A BLA 173, syncing up through the RMR AUDIO


This combination seems to be working out pretty well for us!

Look out in the future for Audio Stone New Releases.

All Recorded/Mixed/ & Mastered here at Stillblissstudios!

Available on nearly all Digital Stores!


New Audio stone song- “This Good Land” in the works.

Today, amid the chaos of rain and Mr. Covid, Still, Alfred Arroyo Jr, came to record.
we recorded real drums as well as “real guitars,” That was a joke by the way.

We also worked on adding vocals, and mixed and he will be coming over next monday to record again.
It was great fun!
We used Sonar 8.5 producer Edition. As well as Waves Power pack plugin bundle. All going through our trusty setup, of: The BLA 173, through the PBC6A Class A Vocal chain, using the AKGC414.

It is still summer vacation for most of us here in Japan.
So, Al, said that he wanted to work on about ten or more songs over then next few months of vacation.

Cheers Al!

And cheers to the one reading this!

p.s. Alfred wanted to dedicate this song to the late Chris Cornel!!

Let’s rock on good people!

Deep Blue- By, Audio Stone, soon available!

So, here we have Audio Stone’s second six or five piece album Called- Deep Blue.
By now you probably already know about us!

We are a two pieced band where we have been hacking songs out of Stillblissstudios.

We go under the moniker of Audio Stone.
You know, You don”t have to buy our songs.
But honestly, that will make us happy if you could drop your hard earned cash/mula to the rock Gods. JK about ht elast comment.

We don’t really DO rock!
But here you go, here lay our hearts and souls to you with one of the songs from our album.

Please have a listen for heavens sake!
It’s good music!
Just need to change your taste buds!

Here is “GTHG

Chris Ekral overseas Session!

So, yeah.
Christian larke, who goes by the moniker of Chris/Larke/Ekral/Commander/Comannder and the Helpers.
Has sent us the stems to one of his tunes, through dropbox.
He asked me to mix it for him!
We do hope you like it Chris!

We used the WAVES Power pack, as well as some R-verb, And L2.

We ran the quieter stems through our trusty ol’ BLA 173, through the PBC6a Compressor.
And as always it delivered, great Cellulite to the track.

We are still using Windows XP here, as well as Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer edition. And the waves plugins. As well as the stock plugins that come with Sonar.

We hope Chris likes it. And hopefully next step is to see if its good enough for him. Then, We will master the track, using Ik Multi Media’s T-racks 3 standard, as well as the Waves L2.
Which has been our go to mastering setup for years now.

Anyways keep coming back here to see blissful news!
We are pretty sure Chris, wants to stick with using our Label.
So stay tuned, for Stillbliss records tunes online on nearly all Digital Platforms!

Cheers! And have a happy Summer Vacay!