“In The Beginning”. A new Al Arroyo Tune in the Works!

So, yesterday, Dear Al, came from Tokyo to visit us and learn some guitar for an hour. Then had a studio session for two hours.
We worked on his blues licks. Polishing them up, And getting the movement of the bend in place.
We also used the studios for recording his new song.
I cant exactly remember the name. As we are still in the process of finishing that song.
Once we do finish it, we’ll let ya know!

P.s. I just remembered the name. It’s Called “In The Beginning”
It kinda had a Toto sound to it!

Ok thanks for visiting us!

The Lady Peacock Sessions

So, for the past two months, we have been working with the Lady.
She hails from Canada, and teaches English to kids here in Japan.

We have been tirelessly working on four songs so far.
Her album will be named- Mizukaze.
Meaning “Water Wind”

She is very talented, and we have been given great praise from Lady.
She has been saying how things are turning out “Just Great!!”

We have been using the AKG C214, with the BLA 173, through the PBC6A Compressor, for vocals, guitars, and whatever we need to capture live.

We have been using Sonar 8.5, now for more than a decade or so.
If you want to know our secret, We don’t plug in our main DAW to the internet. As the computer freezes if we do.

We have also been using Ik multi media’s T-racks 3 standard edition fr mastering.
As well as Sony Sound forge 7.0.

Things are getting hot here in Sagamihollywood.
We hope you are all happy and safe in this heat.