“Yokohama Mama” & “Friends Are Family You Choose”. Mastered complete

Yeah man. So honestly, we just finished three songs from Lady Peacock.

She has a rough but husky tone of voice!
She wrote these songs herself. Then used our mastering, Recording, And mixing, as well as the session playing services.

So you could say: She went all out!
But, THAT’s what we’re here for!
To be of service to you!!

She will be using our Independant record Label for upload purposes.

I personally think two of the songs have real potential.
“Yokohama Mama” And one more.
I cant remember the name of the song. but once it’s mastered, we will have the details for when you can purchase these magical little wonders conjured up in our Stillbliss Laboratory.

We encourage those who are artists or musicians or bands, to come and experience all we have to offer. In terms of Quality, We have no competition. Even those with retrograde class gear.

It’s really more about the players, the musician, and the artists, who make something special that the whole world can hear!
Or more like the song! Because the song remains the same!

New session with Lady Peacock

Yes! We call her Lady Peacock around here.
She is quite the package!
Today we recorded another banger.
We used Celtic instruments, and some RGC loops.
Overall she “had a great time” Or so were her words!
So when we are fully up and running, she said she’ll definitely will be back to record some more!

She said she will most likely be using our record label for distribution!
Thanks dear Lady!
For now we give you a picture from today’s session!

Lady’s session

So the past three days we have been working with Lady in the studio.
She had two songs that she wanted to create from scratch.
One was a folk slow song. And the other one called “Yokohama Mama”.
That one, is to say the least the most poppiest song we’ve got to work on creating from bones up!

She sang into the mic in the control room. then we used that as our base to create the whole track!
And Lady was real happy with the results.
She even said she couldn’t sleep from being overly excited about recording!
Thank you Lady for those kind words about us!
So, yeah, today we will be working with her in the afternoon.
Basically to polish things up I’m assuming. Or maybe another new song??
Who knows!
We will have some fun either way!

A little review from Al’s Brother!

Here is a short review that Al’s brother did for Audio Stone’s new album:

One man’s critique (Part 1):
?Higher? has gotta be the single. Catchy hook, soaring vibe. This would be a hit in modern Christian churches I think. Is that you on the harm, Fred?
Morning Light: I thought this was a great introduction to your vocal versatility!
Cold Mountain: the guitar riffs are pretty rad here. Dig it. 
Day and Night: this one has a definite ?Greatest Hits of the 80?s? vibe. Some songs just FIT; no more or less required. This an example. Right in your vocal wheel house. My favorite of the album so far. Woo-hooo!!!
Got You could be anything you want, stylistically. Over-produce it for The Strokes, hyper-ize it for White Stripes, strip it down for MTV Unplugged… very catchy, too
Im so proud of you, Fred. That?s MY BROTHER!!!
Like for Part 2

Audio Stone! NEW album! Out now on itunes

So, yeah, things are moving forward!
Here in Japan, Vaccine is not mandatory.
Why are we talking about Covid, when this is about a new album by Audio Stone.

Well honestly?
We are just happy you’re even reading this!
We all hope you are all well and happy during these trying times!
Stay inside and get a taste of Bliss!
By the new band Audio Stone Available now on itunes!

Enjoy! please!