New song in the works!

So yeah, yesterday, we had Al Arroyo over for some tracking of a song called “Joanne”.
We first layed down a rough guiding track with guitars and vocals, at the right BPM. Then we added bass, then Acoustic guitar, then used the four channels of Cinemag transformers for micing the kick snare and two overheads. then we used the BlA 173 with Edcore Transformers on the room mic. All using the same AKG C214. Which has been working like a champ!

We had our bands drummer drum for this song.
We also added some bongos and shaker.

Overall it was a fun day!
Sorry! Again, I forgot to take pictures of the session happening.

But by golly G I will try to make sure next time, and times after that to take pics.

Ok Beautiful people! Stay Blissed out. I’m going to perform a wedding in Tokyo. See you laterz!

Kenrick Sharpe studio session!

So, here comes another blog about the session that happened yesterday.

Kenrick came with his backing tracks from a Fiverr dude. He sent the one he wanted to add vocals to, to my email address.

We had three and a half hours of total bliss. Sorry for no pic of Kenrick. I kinda forgot. Was too busy working on the session, that I completely forgot.

He added backing vocals as well! I personally helped him with some ideas for his backing vocals. He was also adept with his own ideas. So, no shortage of great sounds there!

We used the Black Lion Audio BLA 173, neve 1073 clone, or close to it, with the FMR Audio PBC6A to track the vocals. We used the AKG C214. And it shined like a pro!

Anyways, Kenrick said he will be coming back to use our services in the future! Good news for us!!

Thank you dear Kenrick! We wish you best of luck with your track!

Up untill now, all you beautiful people reading this blog: Stay Blissed out!


On Wednesday!

Notes From Skip:

On Wednesday November 18, 2020, I took a train from Chiba-ken to Hashimoto and Stillbliss Studios. I had a rather ambitious agenda-to make progress on three very different projects, in one recording session. I have worked with Stillbliss on assorted projects for a number of years. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted-but less so than usual. I needed to hunt down several keyboard sounds, that can be very time-consuming. The first part of the project was a voice narration. I had written a script, the goal was to advertise myself for voice acting work. I wanted a version with just my voice, and one with musical accompaniment, more for entertainment purposes. Next was a keyboard part on one of my songs, which I started in 2018 but had stalled for various reasons. It did take some time to find the right sound but, Jesse was very helpful. The last part of the session involved recording vocals for a song that will be on the soundtrack of an independent film, in which I am also acting. The song is one that my character recorded `back in the day`. Once again Jesse was very helpful with this part and had some great input.

One of the things I really like about Stillbliss is, that in the U.S. there is usually a very set division between recording engineer and producer. There are reasons for this, especially in a big-budget production. But Jesse is totally okay about giving advice, feedback and offering solutions that may not be immediately obvious. That really helps for getting things done on time-and on budget.

I`m looking forward to my next visit and the next phase of my recordings. Thanks Jesse!

Thanks Skip!

Skip Taylor and Chris Larke studio sessions!

The other day, Skip Taylor came out to the country side, here at Stillbliss.
He recorded some piano parts, as well as some voice over demo work for possible voice over opportunities.

He also added vocals for a song called “Breakfast Is The Sin”. Which is a dance pop number from a producer in Switzerland. We layed vocals over the backing track from the producer using the AKG C214. And Skip commented that, “The mic worked like a champ!”

Thank you Skip! We always like positive reviews from our dear clients.

Best of luck dear Skip! We wish you the best!

This morning I woke up to an email from Chris Larke in the UK for some mixing work.
He sent us the STEM’s for a new number we’re working on. And we boosted the levels using the Black Lion Audio BLA 173 and FMR Audio PBC 6a. Overall the past few days were a class A typa day’s.

Thanks dear Chris And Skip!
Thank you!

…You are what keep us alive and kicking!

The Dandy Lionz – Closer Album 2020 version, finally Available for purchase.

We were hesitant about uploading our album due to copyright issues with the singer, due to incorrect naming of the songwriter/singer.

But just today, I am amazed that our album made it to the digital formats.
I guess God is on our side, and prayer changes things!

So here we give you in all its glory ‘Closer’.
By our in house band- The Dandy Lionz.

We are actually working on remixing and adding better elements to the tracks, as well as taking out some tracks and adding better ones in their place.

But for all you hard core POP/Rock fans out there digging into your pockets, for a taste of pop sugar, then this just might be your ticket.
From the moment of release, we already sold quite a few copies.

We hope you like it!

Here you are!
A bit:

Amazon USA
Amazon Japan

“The Rugby Song” Available on Youtube! And all Digital Download sites NOW!

Here we give you Chris Commander’s “The Rugby Song (Union vs League)”
New song all the way from the UK!
He has touched on many subjects, ie; The Corona outbreak, and so many others.
Here is his latest rendition to his masters, now on the subject of the UK’s favorite sport.
We hope you like it, just as we had as much fun in producing it for him!