“Now The Day!” A Christians prayer at school! The mixing sessions!

for the past few days, we have been in connection with Chris Commander who lives all the way across the globe in the UK.

He has been sending us his stems from his home studio.

He recently wrote a melody to a School’s prayer that each student is learning.
He put melody to words.
That’s pretty ingenious if you ask me!

He records the vocals, bass, pads, strings, etc, what have you, then he sends it to me for mixing. And if the signal is weak, and needs that extra Cellulite, we run it through our vocal chain: The Black Lion Audio BLA 173, and the FMR Audio PBC6a Going through German AD/DA- Which is not cheap, to say the least, which gives the tracks some strength, where there was none.

I personally do not decide how much the job costs.
Chris decides.
And personally I’m happy with that. Making money with what you love, is more than enough joy for me!


Thank you dearest Chris, for continually using us and properly paying us the amount you deemed fit for each project, and our time!

Most likely he will be using our label for releasing: Stillbliss records.

We can’t wait to let you hear how it sounds!!

We enjoyed it all Chris! It’s a very nice song! Even though it’s short, it’s sweet! Thank you Chris!

And peeps out in Blissful land, stay tuned for more info on what is Bliss.

OK! I’m out!

“Now The Day” mixing for Chris Commander.

So, we got in the mail this morning a message from Chris Commander, to mix his song, which is a tune he added to a School’s daily prayer.
It’s called “Now The Day”.

He lives in the UK. but,

He sent me the STEMS some of the stems were a bit quiet, so I re-amped them through our trusty BLA173 & PBC6a combo- It always works!

He kindly sent us the amount he would like to pay for this service. Through PayPal.

He has been doing this for us for a while now! Thank you Chris!!

We hope to continually be of service to you and your musical Endeavors.

As for now, we just wait to see what he has to say about the mix.

“The Farting Song” by Mr. Clarkey Sings.

Mr.Clarkey has some new tunes up his..never mind. I won’t say it.
But we have to let you know about the latest tunes coming out on Stillbliss Records.

We wish you all a safe return to normal life, pre Covid.
We all are effected by these tough times.
And it is through these tough times, that refine us and define us as to who we really are!

The world needs people who are committed to the right side. not the dark side.
And sometimes we need a little lifting of the spirits. So we give you;

“The Farting Song” by ol’ Mr.Clarkey.




Mixed and mastered here at Stillbliss.

Enjoy! Blissed out folks!

“Fart Song remix” Mastered. And mastering for Rubella from the UK!

So, we finished collaborating and refining the finishing touches for Chris Commanders new tune called “Fart Song Remix”.

We stayed in contact through the net, like how loud the main vocals need to be and how he wants the overall mix to be. And once we got the ok, we mastered it, using T-Racks 3 standard.

This track was quite loud from the beginning, so we just used T-racks.

We just sent it off to him, so be ready for some fun little ditties soon available on all digital download sites from Chris Commander.

Oh yes! I almost forgot to mention.
Rubella from the UK is going to be using us for one of their tunes for their album!

They are releasing an e.p. And are having their tracks mastered all over the world.
And would like to give credit to the person, (aka ,me who masters a track) and also credit to the studio.

They hope to have the e.p pressed on vinyl and cd.

And this studio will be mentioned on the sleeve and booklet too!

Prettty good news eh?

Anyways, just waiting for Rubella to contact me! We can’t wait to hear how they sound!

Go Rubella! Go Chris!!

Ok enough from me. Im out!

Bliss out peeps.