“Blah Blah Bullshit” new song! Mastered at Stillbliss.

So Chris Commander has been busy at work with his new jolly little ditties.
This one is about how the politicians just think of themselves and speak nonsense so they can get richer.

We used Sonar for mixing and Sound forge and T-Racks 3 standard edition for mastering.

Listening through 1k$ studio monitors.

Again, we thank you Chris for using us!
If you personally want to use us, please free to contact me Jesse at Jessepritchard@gmail.com for bookings in the studio or mastering or mixing services.

We also can play drums, bass, guitar, and add elements such as strings and beats for your trax.

This will be released on all digital download sites on Stillbliss records.
Please wait till about a week from now.

We hope for your safety and health during these troubled times!
Drink water, and stay well!
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
The sun will return after every storm!

“Wasps do not care” new song availbale soon.

We just finished mastering Chris Commander’s new tune called “Wasps do not care” Which is a little ditty created for the pesty little flyers they are.

We used Sonar for recording and mixing. And for mastering we used IK-Multimedia’s T racks 3 standard edition.

We always offer this service for 20$ a track.

We are excited to see people using us as well as this new song from Chris Commander.

He will be releasing it very soon, all on our Independant label: Stillbliss Records.

Available (Very soon) on all digital download sites.

We had fun making it! We hope you enjoy it as well!

“Wasps Don`t Care”, “Blah, Blah, Bullshit”

Hey there!
Nice to see you again!

Recently, we`ve been working with Chris Commander. He lives in Enlgand.
But, he has a small studio with a mic and DAW.

He recently has been sending us STEM`s to his two new aforementioned, in the Title Songs.

Recently it`s mainly been about Wasps, and how they don`t care about Shi%. And the recent Corvid Shitz, and how the Politicians are using the virus as a platform for their BullShi%.

Anyways, Chris pays us what he wants (Accordingly) for our expertise, and time.

And that is the recent Studios news. We also recently helped Indie Punk Band Slingshotmillion2 With writing English Lyrics for one of their original tunes.

Ok! Peeps, bliss out!
Summer is almost here!

Get out in the sun that is shining down on us these days!

F%ckin gold.

Dear Reader,

If you ever wonder what keeps us going on, no matter what?
Well, blame it on our ADD!

Maybe we`re a different breed. But honestly today`s session of two hours was a hell of a lot of fun. Got to record with Legend singer and songwriter Alfred Arroyo Jr.

We recorded just the guitars, acosutic, and bass as well as Classical, and electric.

We are still using Cakewalk`s Sonar DAW. 8.5. Running on a WINDOWS XP PC.

I mean if it works, why fix it right?

We are also working closely with music Aficionado Chris Commander, with his stems he sends us through the mail.
God bless his soul. He pays us well!

And we aren`t shutting down for as far as I can tell!