“The Corona Shake” song available soon!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on Chris Commander`s new tune called “The Corona Shake”.

I added a synth, bass, Guitars, and a beat, ran the stereo drums through the BLA 173. it really kicked the levels up quite a notch. The drums were lacking punch and volume. So with the BLA 173 PBC 6A Combo, we really added that extra silky smooth 1073 neve sound to the whole track.

We usually ask for 100$ for mixing a whole song. But I did this for Chris, as he is a very good client of ours and pays us well.

So, he is in the middle of redoing the vocals for this song.

I also added some acoustic playing for three acoustic songs of his acoustic numbers called:
“If this is peace”, “Smiling in the sun” and “Running Low”.

We mixed and sent off the mp3`s to him. now we just wait for him to answer us.
Thank you Chris, and thank you for reading, and tuning into our blissful channel.

He will be using Stillbliss Records as his label for release. So will Fando, after he contacts us about his mixes we sent him recently.

Bliss out folks!

What`s pop these days, post.

So, first off, this IS a Studio`s blog.
So if you want to know what we`ve been up to these past few years, then this is the post you want to read today.

With the Covid19/Corona virus, and people panic buying, there ain`t no time for tunes. But honestly Chris Commander made a song called “Corona Virus (The Song)” for this pandemic.

Here is the youtube video.

We`ve also been spending time with family as well as washing our hands and gargling after going outside.

So, we really wish that you can come over to our studio`s.

Very soon we will be recording Fando. An artist with a backpack Martin guitar, who works for CocaCola.

Whattaya know! We have retro written all over us.
He- Fando, is a Singersongwriter.
He came from Argentina. Lived in Australia, and now is living here in Japan.

We don`t know for how much longer this outbreak will be but we hope you all are washing your hands and gargling after you`ve gone out of your house.

And stay up to date by staying blissed out and visit our blog for things POP!!

“Corona Virus (The song)” Available now!

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So, yeah! Chris Commander has come out with his own little ditty in honor of the outbreak we are having globally.
This is actually his remix tune that was called “Pretty little Bitches”.
But with this outbreak, might as well make good with what the whole world is going through.

He is comically making fun of the fact that so many people are paranoid, and controlled through the mass media, and how pop culture is just too much for the average person to handle. much less knowing about the fact that you just might die!

But, no worries there. Stillbliss artist: Chris commander, delves into the comical side of how you can look at such a viral topic.

Anyways, give it a wirl!

Give some love to Chris for making us laugh in these hard, and panic filled times!

Bliss out!!

“Corona Virus (The Song)” By- Chris Commander! Available real soon!

In fact as soon as about this coming Friday on all digital distributors.
In this time where this “virus” crisis hits us all, here we have a real leader, making good fun of the fact that many people are duped into what the media puts out for them.

Yes I know! You need masks, you need to stay away from Crowded places, etc etc. The list goes on!
Chris puts us at ease with this little diddy!

Stay tuned for the links! Soon to come!

Mixed & Mastered at Stillblissstudios!
Available real soon on Stillbliss Records!