Fando- `Tokyo Sessions`, new EP soon released. And `Closer` details.

We are coming out with another artist hailing from Argentina: Fando!

His album will be called `Tokyo Sessions.`

It is a mixture of POP/acoustic songs. All written by a guy from Argentina.
We have been working on this album now for over a year, and we are just beginning to finalize the last bits.

Fando is sending me his final tweaks he would like done on the album.
Then we will be uploading the EP onto all digital distributors ie: Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, etc, etc.

We will be mixing and mastering this album entirely here at our studios.
The Stillbliss Factory!

We will also be soon re-releasing `Closer` by The Dandy Lionz, soon.
We are sorry for any hassle this may have been. We had a bit of a lockup with the logistics of the release. So Soon! VERY soon, we will have The Dandy Lionz, and Fando, released on Stillbliss Records.

Coming soon to you!!

“Margie” single, out now! On all digital platforms!

This is a song I wrote about ten years ago, about a girl named Margie.
Since it is a new year, we wanted to get all the songs that have been recorded at our studios out there for you to hear. and maybe own?

Anwyays here is the Cd baby page.
If you buy through Cdbaby, I, the artist gets more income.

Here is the itunes link
Amazon Japan link

We hope you like this single!

Enjoy your weekday!