Satoshi & Tatsuya. In the studio.

So, the other day, we worked with two talented boys from Saitama and Shibuya. They had an original track, that they played the piano first for the base.

Then they added strings, and cellos, then some vocals.

They had`nt decided on a name for the track, so they just named it after Tatsuya. The good looking bloke for this post.

They had some fun. And we are still working on getting the vocals just right. We are sending the vocals tracks to Satoshi, who will edit them accordingly to his taste.

Anyways, thats what`s bliss these days.

And yes, we will be mastering the track after we get it just right for them.

Fernando comes again!

last night I got another five star rating on Google.
That gives me nothing but five stars on google and Facebook.

Last night Fernando Ezeberry came to rerecord some vocals of his.
If he likes the sound that our studio has, he will be coming back to the studio.

He said it`s a bit far from Tokyo, but worth it. Thank you Fernando!

Had a good breakfast with Eggs and bread, and some coffee.
Now I`m just typing on my windows 10 laptop in my room.

Yes, I know. You don`t need all that info. Anyways, I thought I`d let you in on my little world of recording today.

OK. That`s all the blissful news for now.

Fernando Ezeberry. From Argentina.

We just got through a two song session with Fernando Ezeberry from Argentina. He is currently in Australia, but is just visiting Japan for six months. And he found our studio on Google. And we scheduled a session from quite a while ago.

He used our mixing, recording, session playing, and Mastering services.

A real nice guy!

He drove all the way from Roppongi, to Sagamihara on a motor bike.
He said he wants to visit Japan with his Motor bike.

I mean it seems smart enough to me! LOL!

So, he brought his little Martin Geetar, on his back on the motor-bike.

Even in this rainy weather.
He got here first before me. But waited in his wet clothes outside.
Poor guy. But, he said he was happy with what we were able to accomplish.
He paid us in cash, and said that he wants to record two more songs, if our schedules meet up in-line.

Anyways that`s me signing off to say that that is all things bliss for now.

Peace out!