Alika Arroyo sings with us.

So, Alika came yesterday, and recorded one of his original Christian songs.
There were a few that could have been used. But we chose to record one that was called “open up my eyes”.

We are calling the artist who recorded this The Dandy Lions.

So, yeah, I know, you`re going to rip me off of that cool band name, like all the others like, The Beatles, The Bandaid`s etc, etc.

But honestly?

Anyways we mixed and mastered the track. Alika will decide what we will do from here. He was mentioning to record a couple more Christian related tunes here at the Stillbliss factory.

But as for now we have just one tune by The Dandy Lions.

We`ll see what comes of the future, of The Dandy Lions.

As for now, thanks for reading this far. Stay blissed out!

Slingshotmillion Radio talk show #12

So, we are in our 12 talk show rendition now.
Where the gorilla talks to Front girl (Yui) for the indie rock band Slingshotmillion.

I know I have been telling you about this constantly, but I tell you because I care for you.

I want you to be happy and listen to this radio talk show that we recorded here at Stillbliss.

It`s funny. It`s in Japanese. It`s not that long only about 15-20 minutes long. And it`s good ol entertainment.

We hope you like it!

So here is the link,

Chris Larke comes again!

Yep! He came. With his cute little flying V electric guitar which he bought here in Japan.

He also bought a bicycle at the Don Quixote store. His wife is staying at her parents place and spending some time with them. And Chris took the opportunity to come and do some recording with us!

We worked on a thirty second diddy, from start to finish. Which is part of his new Ep he will be putting out. which has four to five songs. The title? I don`t know yet.

But overall we had fun. We worked on some of his older stuff that has been sitting in our studio for a while now. Which he will be getting to soon. Because he wants to get this EP off the ground.

But this just goes to show, that we, are a great place for recreational activity.
We are always ready for new clients who want to use our cheap but high quality services.

I mean 2,000 yen and hour WITH AN ENGINEER???! Never heard of.

Maybe because we are a bit far from inner Tokyo. But still, that doesn`t stop the die hards from recording.

Ok. Now time to relax with Adriano Zapatta on itunes and taking in this beautiful sunny day here in Kanagawa.

Peace out.

Lagoli and Yui! YouTube Radio recording session.

So yesterday, Yui and Jun came over to record a sitcom of sorts, that utilizes my cakewalk Pitch shifter plugin, where you know, you sound all, High pitched?

Well, The monkey that really is Jun the singer for Slingshotmillion came yesterday night and recorded two volume`s. And yes each sitting is about 20 minutes long.

And they are all in Japanese. I have been posting about these YouTube vidz for a while here on Stillbliss.

Anyways, that`s whats been up.

We also will be recording three guiding songs for Slingshotmillion, over the next few weeks.

They paid me to be their engineer.
Their Guitarist also uses Sonar, and has his own studio. But they said they prefer me and this studio.

Good news for me!!

Pt. 11 Of radio talk show with Lagoli.

So, yeah. We have been recording a japanese talk show that hosts a Gorilla, and Slingshotmillion`s Front girl Yui.
Each show consists of a new subject.

If you have fifteen or twenty minutes to waste, this is the perfect place to do it.

Again, Disclaimer. This is all in Japanese.

So if you WANT to learn some Japanese, just by listening, then this show is a must!

So without further ado, I give you Lagoli`s talk show.

Part 11!!