New songs coming out soon. From Chris/Larke/Ekral/Commander!

Today we worked in the studio mixing elements from another studio.

We were asked by none other than the infamous Chris larke.

We have been on good terms as his host studio for more than five or more years.

He now lives in England but still uses our services, ie- Mastering, Mixing and session playing. We stay connected via internet.

He sends us STEMS of his work from another studio, and then asks us to mix, master and add elements ie- Strings, bass, drums, electric/acoustic guitar etc.

We played drums and mixed today in the studio.

We are awaiting his approval of the mixes, then most likely he will be using our mastering services, and then he will use our Stillbliss Records label for uploading to all digital online distributors, ie-itunes, google play, Amazon, Cdbaby etc.

The titles of today`s session were called- “Happy now” & “As Nothing”.

Both VERY POPPY trax!

All mixed and mastered at yours truly, Stillblissstudios.

Stay tuned for more news on everything Bliss!! 😉

Today`s session

Well, it didnt turn out exactly as I hoped. But it WAS a session.

We recorded Vocals for SLingshotmilion2`s new Ep coming out soon.

There were a few things that I believe we need to work on, like the male vocalist who is quite lazy and didnt sing things perfectly, for an album.

But that is just his style. Well see what he thinks of the mix once he`s heard it on his own.

We ran through our Black lion audio BLA 173, thorugh a PBC 6a And then through RME conveters.

Things sound good at Stillbliss.

New session with Female singer from Slingshotmilion2

Yesterday we worked with female singer Yui. From Slingshotmillion2.

We worked on vocals to be exact. We ran the Shure KSM 32sl through a FMR audio PBC6a, into a Black Lion Audio BLA 173 and then into RME converters.

This combo seems to be quite killer.

I may be upgrading my studio to a Black Lion Audio Auteur Quad, for more high quality channels for recording drums and more channels at one time.

As for now this is what we are using.

And yes I know it`s just a picture of me in the control booth. Taken by Yui herself.

I forgot to take a picture of her singing. And we usually do take pictures of the clients that do come here. But I thought, what the heck. Might as well use this photo.

So, you are caught up in everythings thats blissful now.

Go and pat your self on the back!