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We are not your ordinary studio. We have a unique sound.
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We are also a record label. Stillbliss Records.

We are here to serve. And that`s all we plan to do for the future, for you who are thinking about using our studio.

We run on Coffee, and RedBull.

We strive for perfection. Our sound and technique has been tried & perfected over the more then ten years in the music industry.

If you plan on making a classy record with us, then just send an email to us!

We aim to please here at Stillbliss.

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Total knew breed! Lone wolf, or aka Vaughnmiles studio session.

Today we worked with Elvaughn Riley from Milwaukee.

He is currently serving the navy here in Japan.

We were able to record some vocals with his friend who is also a rapper.

He also introduced me to another person who will be a client in the future for mixing of a song.

The BLA 173 is dope.

Elvaughn Riley`s rapping is dope too!

If you don`t believe me go to his soundcloud link

He will be uploading a new track entitled “Undisputed.”

At some parts, he sounds like Jay-Z.

He said he will be using our label as well.

Thanks Elvaughn You rock!

Stay tuned for more blissful pop news!!

Lone wolf session.

Yesterday Elvaughn Riley came with another rapper from Yokosuka Base. His name was Imeichi.

They recorded another rap song for their society and brand name Low society.

They recorded through the BLA 173 by Black lion audio, and the FMR PBC6a compressor Recorded through our trusty Shure KSM 32SL.

Overall things are sounding killer!

Can`t wait for you to hear his rap. All mixed inside of Cakewalk Sonar Producer edition.

He is on Soundcloud so give him a listen!

Yes. I still use Producer edition 8.5. We are just old skool like that.

Anyways. It was real fun!

We got to record for a whole hour, and the vibe was, PERFECT!

Another great studio session, with Yui the Youtuber and vocalist.

Yesterday, we worked in the studio with Yui from the band Slingshotmillion2. She layed some trax down for a song called “Lalaland”. In particular Vocals. These recordings will be the main vocals that will be used for the final mix.

This song has a music video, so stay tuned for that soon!!

We then recorded video for a Punk rock song with her ipad. We recorded the audio through the studio gear. But the visuals were snapped up by her Ipad.

We are recording quite a few Youtube vidz here at Stillbliss. In hopes that a farther reaching fan base will be made.

That`s about it, for all things bliss.

Another Elvaughn Riley/Lone Wolf, Session at the studios.

Yesterday we packed a good two hour session with Lone wolf productions Elvaughn Riley. this kid knows how to drop dem beatz.

He is actually part of a group that is creating a brand called, Low society, or Lone wolf. I am not exactly sure, but here, I will let his words speak for himself;

“Great studio session you are amazing thank you”

-Elvaughn Riley

We had lots of fun in the studio, recorded some vocals, through our boutique BLA 173, ad the FMR audio Vintagey compressor, the PBC6a. As well as some Phat mastering for one song!

Overall we are getting a pretty big sounding sound with this combo, going through RME converters into Cakewalk`s Sonar, Producer edition.

So keep an eye out on Soundcloud and soon to be released Stickers, and T-shirts from Low Society, and new beatz all rapped by none other than the infamous Elvaughn Riley!

Anways that`s all things blissful for today!

Come back again to check out for all things Bliss & new in the pop world!

Peace! I`m out!