Lone wolf comes to the studios to record.

Today we worked with Lone wolf rapper, Elvaughn Riley.

He is a Rapper from the states. He is currently working for the navy at Yokosuka base.

He came all the way over to the studios to lay some trax down.

He is also working on a brand called `Lone Wolf`

So keep an eye out for goods like stickers, T-Shirts and cool beatz from Lone Wolf.

All recorded and soon to be mastered at Stillbliss.

Chris Larke/Commander/Ekral mastering.

Today was a good day! Why? Well, I got a job that had to do with audio. I was asked by the infamous Chris Larke to Master one of his songs.

I used Sony Sound forge, as well as Ik multimedias T-Racks standard, and The Waves L2 Ultramaximizer for mastering. Listening on the the Event ASp 6s. And using Oasis and Coldplay as reference masterial.

Overall, whenever I get a message asking me for studio related work, always gets me in a happy mood!

After all it`s magic we are working with here at the Stillbliss factory.