Another Chris larke session.

I hadn`t realized how long our recording relationship has been. It has nearly been over ten years of Chris Larke goodness coming to and from the studios.

He sends me STEM`s as well as comes to the studio, all the way from England, where he teaches elementary children.

Today we fine tuned levels, as well as discussing future recording of drums, for some tunes that have been laying dormant here at the studios.

Anyways, thank you Chris/Ekral/Commander/Larke for coming to the stillbliss factory.

Well, you are now fully aware of everything blissful!

Peace out!

Tokyo [Explicit] by Mother Slug available now!

New wave Grunge rocker`s Mother Slug from Tokyo have put out a new release this December, right in time for holiday season.

Here is the link for those of you in .com land.

And for those of us here in Japan, here is the link!

This is an underrated release. Please wait for about two weeks for it to be available on almost all digital distributors.

Have a nice day!!

And don`t miss out on this great release!

Stay blissed out!

Yui the YouTuber Pt.2

Dear friends, family and guests. Thank you for always supporting us and the Stillbliss lifestyle. We recently had Yui, from Slingshotmillion2 come and make youtube videos at our studios. We used our gear to record the songs. She chooses the latest popular Japanese punk scene songs. And I transcribe them onto paper, for playing on the acoustic guitar. She has already come about four times. If you look-up Slingshotmillion2, you will find the youtube videos. So that is what we have been up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all you blissful people out there!

Hello hello!

Yes! We are still in the business of making music. The music biz!

We have a gotten emails from people wanting to use us for free, all the way down to someone asking if we were a rehearsal studio.

But, first and foremost we are a recording studio/label that will never adhere to the public. But will tell things like they are. That is what has made us successful. Yes! You may use our label, if you have some relation to us!

Anyways. Recently weve been coordinating with Chris Ekral/Larke/Commander. Weve just sent off a mastered version of his song called “Making ten”. It`s a cute diddly little tune about making ten. 1 plus nine equals 10 etc, etc. He pays us through paypal. And he has been the most faithful client of Stillbliss. He has been using our services as well as our label from day one!

I (Jesse) have been busy with music too. As I am in a punk rock band here in Tokyo/Kanagawa. So its flowing through our bones.

Our studio is also supported by my sweet sister, who, pays for our hosting and site development. So, no worries on the dissapearing of this site.

We have been using Stillbliss as our logo theme for already more then ten years, and counting.

So when you do come to record and use our services, and uploading to digital distribution you are cashing in on our legacy and history.

So enough talk. Now, go and buy one of our Blissful tunes!