Mixing Slingshotmillion2`s new songs. As well as recording guitars.

Today I woke up at around 6:30.

Right now it is 8:00 as of this writing.
And I already mixed the latest trax that we recorded here for my band Slingshotmillion2.

I also need to record some of my lead bits for the recordings as well. That will be after my brothers wake up from sleeping, so I can vacuum the house, then play loud guitars in the studio and record.

We are currently working on these recordings specifically for giving away to people on the streets.

I personally think that`s a bit wasteful. But ah who cares.

I will also be mastering these tunes as well. So far the sound we have gotten from the BLA 173 has been phenomenal.

Great results and just to let you know- Today is a new day. And the magic continues in our home/studio.

Good morning! From Stillblissstudios!!

Recently Ive been downloading tunes from itunes. I go and buy an Itunes redeem card from the nearby convenient store.

It seems that all the good tunes are for 250 yen for one tune.

At least it`s better than paying for a whole album just for one song that you might like.

There are also many other good tunes on Itunes. I currently use an ipod nano fat. It`s been with me for almost 5 years, and it`s still working. Very nice when things work.

Just to give you an update on some tunes That I can remember) that have been recorded here; Jago, Chris Ekral/Larke/Commander, Shock, Adriano Zapatta, Crank killer-T, Suspect zero, Slingshotmillion, Slingshotmillion2, Hell Razer. Monique Dehaney, Terry Brown, Spectrum One, Toki Francis Shimizu, & many more.

We are constantly on the lookout for better gear and better sound.

Right now we are working on Slingshotmillion2`s demo soundtrack. We will be recording the drums and vocals at a larger studio, but the guitars will be recorded here again.

We are actually quite busy. Just to let you know. We aren`t just sitting around doing nothing.
After all we ARE a record label and studio, that has been around since 2004.

We pride ourselves with the quality to price ratio. Which has always been our biggest plus.

We are located a bit far away from humanity. But that in itself is a rewarding experience.

You get to record in the middle of nature where you can hear the birds singing and a nearby river and mountain side of Kanagawa, Sagamihara shi.

We can get your tunes recorded mixed and mastered for a great price.

Our label is free to use, once you do something with us.

Anyways I thought I`d post a recent collage of our studios and show you the evolution of our studios.

Happy days people! Have a good one on us!

Vintage news! As by Jesse. -The studio..! And our form of business.

Yes! We may be just a recording studio.
But, we have magic behind our ears and teeth.
We work magic on every studio session.
Whether it be a full band, a single client from another country, or someone asks us to master their track, or make a lyric video.

We take GREAT PRIDE in everything we do. And it shows.

No matter what we do, we excel in perfection. Whether giving away free time for studio clients. Or giving away a free master for a track.

We are personal, AND professional!

No matter what your genre you plan on recording with us, we have only gotten good reviews.

5 stars on Facebook ain`t just a number, It`s reality. It`s numbers at its finest. It`s magic!

WE are not just a “studio”. we are a record label AND studios in the heart of nature. Ready to explode with you. If you choose to come with us, on our journey to sonic perfection!

Located 20 minutes from Kanagawa`s Hashimoto station by bus.

We are YOUR studio, for recreation, and stress free sessions!

Practicing with Slingshotmillion2, and recording.

We`re not just a studio that charges someone for an hour. We give until it hurts.

Just the other day Skip Taylor came in for a session. I gave him an hour free for being such a nice guy.
It`s nice people that win. Not the mean person.

Anyways, recently I have been practicing with my band Slingshotmillion2. We practice at a rehearsal studio in Hon Atsugi, about three times a month. It`s pretty fun!

We also have been recording drums, bass, guitar & Vocals at the studios here. And with the BLA 173, and FMR PBC6a we have a really warm analog sound. It has been great fun these past few days of recording. Jun the band leader said he will be coming over to record vocals later on this week.

Overall we have been having success, and we will be recording drums and vocals in a higher end studio. But we will still be using this studio for recording guitar for a mini album soon available. So stay tuned and come back for more blissful news!!

Editing for band Mother Slug, & Recording a full band- Slingshotmillion2. And Stillbliss records` growth.

I guess you could say I`m kinda busy. These past few weeks, or more like days, I have been recording drums, bass, and guitars; Distortion guitars, as well as vocals.

I have also been up to editing a video using the stock video editor in Windows Vista. It`s a bit tricky to use, but I think I got the hang of it.

Also in other good news, other than band and editing- Band Mother Slug will be using our Stillbliss Records label. As well as DJ Ali in Nagoya.

Yes you heard me correctly. A DJ far from where I live (In kanagawa) A DJ In Nagoya wants to use our label. I mean, of course, anyone would want to use it. Especially since it`s royalty free. Of course you have to have some relationship with our studio. Which all of the people who use this label do!

So, other than a jog and hanging out with my pops and brother at a couple of stores today in Sagamihara, that is what has been happening on the home front.

Stay tuned for more Blissful news!

And remember to look for the rainbow in the rain!



New rock album forthcoming! Mother Slug- Sub Alien: That poor little Sub Alien bunny..!

Today was a good day. I got to drink three Shark energy drinks, and, talk with the main singer of POP Rock band Mother Slug.

He mentioned how he would like to use our label for releasing his new album entitled `Sub Alien`.

It is a completely new album ready to be released, very soon, under Stillbliss records.

We are honored to have so many great artists using this label.

Like we said, it is a completely free to use label.

Alika Arroyo used our studio, therefore giving him access to use our label.

It will be released very soon!

Keep an eye out for this great new album!
Soon available on all major online retailers, as well as hard copies.

Changing pitch for DJ Ali`s songs. From Facebook

Today I was asked by none other than the famed DJ, Ali. He sent me a Message on Facebook with the files he wanted to pitch shift a half a step down from C to B. I used Sound forge 7 from Sony to work this magic.

He is singing famous songs at bars and what not.
He uses us quite often, and will be paying me for my services, this coming Friday.

He will also be using us for mastering soon. And will be using our Stillbliss Records label for his soon up and coming new album.

So stay tuned for more Blissful news!

New song- “Donlad Trump F*** yeah”, from Chris Larke out on March the 6th.

This is a remake of the song, “America, F*** yeah”. Instead, Chris changed things up a bit and made it to, “Donald Trump, F*** yeah”. I was told that it would be released for purchase on all online retailers on march the 6th. Amazon, Google play, itunes, cdbaby, etc.

Come and get a piece of Chris Larke, for yourself this coming spring!

The song was mixed and mastered at our studios.