Slingshotmillion songwriting session at the studios.

I’m also part of this band, I am the lead guitarist and composer. We all had a great time passing ideas around.
And just last night I finished writing lyrics for a ‘mixture’ rock song. Slingshotmillion has a knack for mixture rock. It’s like slow rock mixed with metal type of thing.
It was pretty fun! We got to hang out in the studio almost all day. We will be doing the same thing on the 30th this month. After all, we need to get new songs down so we can perform at live houses.

Chris Studio session

Hey everyone!

Chris Ekral came to the studio the other day.
We recorded some vocals as well as editing some new songs that have been sitting on the studio’s computer for a while now.

So he came all the way from London to record here. Well, he also came to visit Japan. But he came the studio, and that’s really all that matters.

Here he is with his Ukelele. He is back in London, but will be communicating over the net with me about his songs and how he would like them to be.

All these songs will be on most online stores very soon. Under the Stillbliss Records label.