Recording artists since 04′

We are a recording studio, & Independent online publishing record label (Stillbliss Records), in Kanagawa Ken Sagamihara shi.

Location: We are 1 & a half hours from Tokyo station by train and bus. (20 mins, on the bus, and an hour and 10 minutes or so on the train. Depending on which train you catch.)

The studio is located near the Tanzawa mountain range & Sagami river.

This is a great place to relax and recharge, all in the space of  recording your album!

Our gear: Some brands we use here at the studio- Black lion audio, Fender USA, RME, Event, Cakewalk, Damage Control, Hiroshi Tamura, FMR audio, Catalin bread, Waves, Shure, MackieAntaresSony, Soundtoys, etc…!

Our mission:

Is to cater to your special musical needs, whether it be recording vocals, guitar or drums, or your band, as well as showcasing your work on our site, and getting your tunes onto most online retailers, ie, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, etc.

We also offer the service of online digital phat mastering, for only 20$ per track! Which is one of our hawt services.

Just send us your track, and we`ll get it back to you as soon as possible.

We also offer the service of mixing through our boutique analog gear.

We receive payment through paypal, postal, or cash on hand.

We let the artists who come to this studio
full access to our label-Stillbliss Records


you must have some relation to our studio, whether through recording, or our mixing & mastering services.

We can also remix and add elements/beats etc, to your songs through session playing, (Either by playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, or anything musical.)

We also connect to our artists through the net, by sending STEMS back and forth for mixing or session work.

We have worked with artists from the likes of New Zealand, to the UK, US, Africa & more.

We can speak English and Japanese.


We’ve had two of our clientele tunes get onto Japanese Karaoke.

Also another artist that recorded here had his tune used on a Toronto Independant movie.

One of our first customers/clients who came when we first started this studio over five years ago has over 16,000 listens on soundcloud, and almost 17,000 listens pretty soon. Since then we have improved our recording chain.

But 16,700 listens, pretty much sums up our dedication to your audio recordings. And, further more confirms our dedication and eclectic range of talent ready at your disposal when arriving at Stillbliss- or using or services.

Also one of our clients who`ve used our mastering &, adding elements to a mix services for a Japanese cultural festival tune, won first prize for best performance.

Please come! & try us, and, our studios out!

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